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Portland: People choose beautiful over boring

From the open publishing newswire: Mainstream peace organizers take note -- The Feb. 15 anti-war march was a test case that has settled some debates, and not in your favor. It's time for you to change your tactics. The anti-war action here in Portland yesterday was smaller in number than the previous mass mobilizations on Jan. 18, Nov. 17, Oct. 5, but for sheer energy and verity of spirit, it trumped those days in a big way. The success of this event should bring to an end the debate about permits, in favor of those who have been saying that they are not needed.

It also showed how a well-planned set of speakers is not only unneccessary but undemocratic. And it revealed that the Portland police can behave in a way that they are not (for the most part) trampling on the rights of the people to assemble and march freely, without official police liaisons or peace cops taking charge. [ Read More... ]

PHOTOS: [ F15 PDX: photo collage in Pioneer Square | F15 PDX - the crowd at Terry Schrunk Plaza ]