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<font color="#02440c">Great Event -- Portland North Park Blocks Rally & March!</font>

From the open publishing newswire: Today's noon North Park Blocks antiwar rally and downtown march served as a vital bridging action linking the incredibly large and well-organized events on Oct. 5, Nov. 17 and Jan 18 with what's to come in Portland. The everyday people who attended today's radical gathering didn't worry about the weather, they didn't worry about permits, they didn't worry about side-issue messages. A crowd estimated in the high hundreds to low thousands simply came together with little notice and no traditional organization via the Portland IndyMedia Web site and word-of-mouth communication to loudly say NO WAR!! [ Read More... ]

February 15 Peace March and Critical Mass Ride
I got to the North Park Blocks about 12:30. A decent crowd was assembled; I'm not that good at guessing the numbers, but I'd say at least 300-500 people, maybe more. There were lots of bikes in the crowd but only about half a dozen riders in the CM gathering spot. At various times during the march another dozen or more other riders expressed interest in participating in a CM breakout ride, but it just didn't happen. The CM riders ended up staying with the march, riding real slow and corking for the walking marchers along the way. [ Read More... ]

PDX ACTION: Unpermitted and all the better for it
to all the sceptics: today's march was one of the best in this town in a long time. yes it was limited in size but big enough to make a point. to all those who said you cannot pull off such an event wihout hundreds of hours of organizing- well you were wrong. you don't nee organization all the time. the march went where it wanted without any hassle from the police. we even took grand, walking the wrong way!! i thought thoday's events were great until we stopped at the intersection. as long as we kept moving we were making a point, causing some disruption but also encouraged by drviers/standers-by.

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