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<font color="800080">Corvallis Peace March draws 1000+</font>

From the open publishing newswire: Corvallis Peace March walked from OSU campus to downtown Corvallis to join the daily vigil held by the local peace group, Alternatives to War (it's been held from the day when the US dropped the first bomb on Afghanistan on October 17, 2001) at the Courthouse. Nancy Rosenberger, OSU Anthology professor and a member of Faculty for Peace and Justice and Rep. Peter DeFazio made a speech to more than 1000 marchers. This march was sponsored by Wrench, Alternatives to War, and Faculty for Peace and Justice. [ Read More... ]

Over 1000 Corvallisites March for Peace February 15th
Over one thousand citizens marched in Corvallis, Oregon on February 15th from the OSU campus to the Benton County Courthouse. The protest took place to oppose the U.S. war on Iraq. United States Representative Peter DeFazio spoke to the crowd while holding his copy of the U.S. Constitution. There were raindrops and rainbows in the sky. Peaceful citizens carried Earth flags, U.S. flags, signs, and banners. [ Read More... ]

Corvallis protest a disappointment!
Corvallis-area peace protesters could stand to learn a lesson from the success of Portland's "non-permitted" rally this weekend. I arrived at Oregon State's MU building on Saturday to find a crowd 1,000 people strong. My enthusiasm was quickly dampened when march organizers announced the "rules" for our event. First, we had no permit to march in the streets and were required to walk on the sidewalks. We were told that this would "increase our visibility" by allowing people to drive past and see us. Unfortunately, what it served to do was break up the march by holding up groups at every stop light along Monroe Avenue. Not only did this result in our "march" morphing into a number of small clumps of demonstrators, it also slowed us down considerably. [ Read More... ]