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<font color="#c43f01">Salem joins the millions for peace</font>

From the open publishing newswire: In what was described by many as the largest Peace demonstration in Salem history, over 1400 marchers took to the streets on a rainy Oregon afternoon, chanting the now familiar "Drop Bush not Bombs" and "Wadaya want? PEACE! When do you want it? NOW!" The un-permitted march began at the State Capitol, wound through the Salem business district for over an hour, and then gathered under the clock tower on the beautiful Willamette University campus to hear messages of peace and opposition to the preemptive war doctrine of the Bush administration. [ Read More... ]

Downtown Salem -- 1100-1200 people heard Peter DeFazio speak against War
Peter DeFazio, Peter Bergel, Johnny Lake, and other singers and performers sang and spoke out against Bush's unpopular War. About 1% of the population of Salem showed up today at Jackson Plaza, Willamette University. The university Chaplain and whe Willamette Students for Peace and Justice also spoke, as well as the co-chair of the Marion-Polk Greens. Oregon PeaceWorks collected Donations, 9-11 dollars were distributed, and Green Voice issues were also distributed. Overall, people were cheery despite the drizzle, where the theme of the event was that we must participate in Democracy to be heard. [ Read More... ]

Salem Rally!
The Rally in Salem today was encouraging, with perhaps 500-1000 attending. It was organized by Oregon Peace Works and Willamette Students for Peace and Justice. Although the organizers decided we would march on the sidewalk without taking the street, the mood of the marchers stayed positive as we wound for a few blocks through downtown Salem. We passed the offices of the Statesman Journal, a local newspaper, variously chanting "Hey Hey Ho Ho Bush's War has got to go!" and other slogans. The march ended up on Willamette's campus, where Willamette students energetically lead the crowd in some more chanting. [ Read More... ]