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Peace Mobilization in Ashland's Plaza

From the open publishing newswire: On February 14, 2003 at noon, citizens gathered in the Plaza on North Main in Ashland, Oregon to mobilize for peace, in opposition to the Bush administration's push to escalate the 12-year long war on Iraq. The demonstration, which did not have any central organization or sponsorship, drew at least 100 people.

Later in the afternoon, around 12 militant demonstrators vented their frustration by burning an American flag and an effigy of President Bush, followed by a march down North Main and East Main that finally returned to the Plaza. The marchers chanted "Whose streets? Our streets!" The march was trailed by police in trucks and on foot but the situation remained peaceful.

In addition to the demonstration, a tree-sit in Lithia Park continued for the second day in a row to protest the war in Iraq. The tree-sitters are on a hunger strike indefinitely. [ Read More... ]

[ Ashland Activists take to the trees to say, "END WAR!" (Feb. 13) ]