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AUDIO FILE: Bark Field Trip to Pollalie-Cooper Timber Sales

From the open publishing newswire: The February Bark Field Trip was to the Pollalie-Cooper Timber Sale on the northeast side of Mt. Hood. This sale is composed of three separate sales, Clan, Kilt and Tartan, slated to be commercially thinned. Of the three, only Clan has been sold. Bark leads these groundtruthing hikes the second Sunday of every month, departing from the Daily Grind, SE Hawthorne & 40th, at 9:30 am, visiting a different sale every month.

These sales are especially egregious because of the close proximity of another timber sale, the Clear Timber Sale Besides this, Mt. Hood Meadows is moving ahead with plans for a Destination resort in this same area. This resort would locate 450 condominiums and a golf course in the Kilt unit area , which were the subject of this months field trip.

This months hike was led by Ian, and took us through the Kilt sales within the larger Pollalie Cooper Sales. In this audio file, which is about 15 minutes in length, Ian and the 32 people on the hike discuss Forest Service reasons for management of these high elevation lands and possible results from the scheduled commercial. Fire prevention, as usual of late, figures high on the list of reasons to manage the forest, though fire has always been an integral part of forest system ecologies.
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