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Ashland Activists take to the trees to say, 'END WAR!'

From the open publishing newswire: In solidarity with actions planned across the globe this weekend, two climbers unfurled a 25x7 banner reading, 'NO DEATH FOR $! END WAR', and continue to occupy platforms high in the treetops above Lithia Park in Ashland. The tree-sitters are on a hunger strike to draw attention to the millions of Iraqi civilians suffering under United Nations sanctions and brutal U.S. foreign policy and economic policy that perpetuates suffering and starvation on people across the world.

The Bush administration is quietly undermining civil liberties, gutting environmental laws, cutting social service programs and schools, giving large tax cuts to the upper class, meanwhile beating the drums of war. Right here in Ashland, homelessness is on the rise, affordable housing is disappearing, schools are closing, old growth forests are slated to be logged, and city officials refuse to stand up for civil liberties. Ashland citizens are sending a message to the Bush administration and their Republican allies in state and local governments that resistance is on the rise.
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