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SHAC and the Grand Jury Witch Hunt

From the open publishing newswire: Grand juries: The best way to prosecute ... when you don't have a case. So a Federal Grand Jury has sprung up in New Jersey and anti-Constitutional zealots are jumping for joy. Hoping to crack down on activists practicing their right to dissent over issues of animal cruelty the FBI has convened a grand jury, one of their favorite tools in their war on freedom.

Banned in other countries with real democracies for several hundred years - today's grand jury is nothing more than a political witch-hunt. Draconian rules state that if you do not cooperate and give any information asked of you, even if it is just speculation or an opinion - you can be thrown in jail for up to 18 months (or until you cooperate). Additionally you do not have the right to an attorney and no one can ever know what was said and done in this secret forum.

SHAC have successfully infiltrated Eli Lilly
A SHAC activist gained employment at the lab and worked there for some time on a series of experiments that are as cruel as they are scientifically invalid. Our insider revealed that 36 thousand animals PER YEAR are being killed at Eli Lilly's site at Windlesham in Surrey for cocaine experiments. When SHAC phoned Eli Lilly this morning and spoke to their Corporate Press Department, they were still unaware that they had been stung! All the press woman could say was: "Err... errr... .what is the SHAC website address? ... err... . We have no comment to make at present." Yeah, we bet you don't!
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Monkeys escape from EU's largest primate lab
Last sunday February 9th 2003 two Rhesus Macaques escaped from the BPRC- Europe's largest primate centre in the Netherlands. The two animals were housed in one of the cages outside. It's very likely the old housing had a small hole in it which the monkeys made bigger themselves. In the course of the day, one monkey was caught, using a tranquiliser dart, the other was also caught, but only at the end of the day.

Of course this is a great moment to get into action (again)! I made a letter both in Dutch as in English, demanding instant closure of the BPRC and the release of all 1600 animals to Stichting AAP (a Dutch exotic animal sanctuary)or other sanctuaries of our liking.
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