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Medical insurance system is collapsing

From the open publishing newswire: People I know who have to buy their own medical insurance -- self-employed or employer doesn't provide insurance -- are paying $300-$400 a month for one person! One health care activist who has studied this told me recently that he expects buy-it-yourself medical insurance to be up to around $500 a month in a couple years. Very few can afford that.
I'm on the Oregon Health Plan, Oregon's expanded version of Medicaid. Due to the state budget crisis and a dysfunctional legislature, benefits -- dental, mental, drug treatment, vision and prescriptions -- have been cut for most of us on OHP. I'm just thankful that I can get by without any of that, but, at 63, for how long? Most major illnesses require expensive prescriptions. I fear for those on OHP who need prescriptions to survive. Also for the mentally ill, whose outpatient treatment has been eliminated. [ Read More... ]