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Action Alert: Stop immigrant-bashing bill in Oregon legislature

From the open publishing newswire: PCUN Legislative Action Alert to all supporters: A bill, HB 2578, that requires proof of citizenship or legal residence to obtain a driver's license, permit, or identification card in Oregon, was introduced to the legislature on February 6 by Representative Betsy Close (R-Albany) and Representative Alan Brown (R-Newport). This piece of anti-immigrant legislation does nothing for homeland security and will only put Oregonians at risk because it will lead to an increase in unlicensed, uninsured drivers on the road. A similar bill,labeled by the Latino community as "Driving while Hispanic," was defeated in the 1995 legislative session.

We are calling upon our supporters to immediately call or e-mail Representatives Close and Brown and voice strong opposition to this legislation. This is an action alert forwarded from PCUN, the farmworkers' union. Please take a minute to call or e-mail to express opposition to this racist, divisive, immigrant-bashing bill, even if you missed the Feb. 10 "day of action" deadline. In the past, decisive action by Oregonians has defeated previous immigrant-bashing bills. We can do it again! Si se puede!
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