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Call-in to support national heathcare for all!

From the open publishing newswire: Heard on Free Speech Radio News today that Rep Conyers introduced after 1 1/2 yrs, consulting with Physicians and other groups, a bill called the US National Health Insurance Act. This means Health Care for all Residents of the U.S. as I understand it. It would improve/expand/strengthen Medicaire by slightly taxing bond/stock transfers, and repealing the Bush Tax cut.

URGE CONGRESSIONAL REPS TO SUPPORT THIS BILL !!! Let's see if we can push for a nationalized program... that DOESN'T emulate Clinton's plan to include big corporate HMO's and ensure they profit from our nationalized health care system. Let's support and pressure our Legislative Reps to accept this bill. Even if you don't vote you can call in to support this legislation that ensures our elderly have the health care they expected to get when they bought into the capitalist system...
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Conyers' Web site: summary and text of bill
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