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A small group protests Peter Jennings

From the open publishing newswire: When we arrived at the school, we were immediately met at the gate with a security guard named David, who asked us if we had tickets. I told him no, that we were going to try to see if we could get in. He replied that we could not get into the building without tickets, so I told him the REAL reason we were there: to exercise our right to protest. He waffled a bit, then told us to hold on while he asked his supervisor. David then informed us that we could go in; we just couldn't hand out flyers or have signs of any kind. "OK," we agreed.

We parked, and brought a few flyers with us, but left the sign in the car. When we arrived at the entrance, however, we found five protesters standing outside who had signs! They had been smart, and came through another entrance, or parked their car somewhere else and walked in. Two officers from the sheriff's department were standing nearby, making sure that we stayed in a designated area away from the main entrance.

After standing outside and talking for a few minutes, my companion and I proceeded to go back to my car and retrieve the rest of our flyers. We then tagged almost every car in the parking lot ...
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Copy of flyer distributed