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Salvadoran embassies occupied in NY, SF, several arrested

From the open publishing newswire: Nearly 100,000 protesters came together in San Salvador yesterday to celebrate the fifth doctor-led "White March" against the privatization of health care. Some 100 unions and organizations from across the Salvadoran social movement turned out to oppose privatization, known in this country as the "Pay or Die" system because it denies health care to those without the means to pay. Police, who had previously threatened violent repression against the march, attempted unsuccessfully to prevent dozens of busses from entering San Salvador, but found their roadblocks overwhelmed by protesters. At the closing rally, many speakers emphasized the need to oppose the CAFTA free trade agreement between the US and El Salvador. Salvadoran President Francisco Flores had hoped to break the strike within the next two weeks, but the strong turnout for yesterday's march is a clear indication that the Salvadoran social movement has no intention of backing down.

Responding to a call for increased international solidarity during this critical moment in the struggle against privatization and CAFTA, CISPES activists yesterday occupied the Salvadoran consulates in San Francisco and New York City, and rallied outside the consulate in Boston. At all three sites, activists from different sectors demonstrated their rejection of the Salvadoran government's attacks on workers' right to organize and the US government's complicity in these attacks. In San Francisco, two activists occupied the consulate and chained themselves to a display board, refusing to leave until the Salvadoran government ended the privatization of health care and rehired all fired strikers.
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