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PATRIOT Act II Demonstrates Need for Council Action

From the open publishing newswire: In our recent open letter to the Portland City Council (delivered to Council offices last week), we of the Portland Bill of Rights Defense Committee wrote the following, after detailing the effects of the USA PATRIOT Act:

"These examples illustrate some of what has already been done under the auspices of new authorities granted in the crisis mood that existed after September 11, 2001. But the government is not yet content even with these drastic increases in its authority....We trust the City Council to recognize that without any sustained public outcry over the initial increase of law enforcement authority via the USA PATRIOT Act, the Federal government has seen fit to continue its effort towards ever more such authority."

This massive push for drastic increases in government power is continuing unabated, as evidenced by the uncovering of a secret draft for what is being dubbed 'PATRIOT II'. We have obviously waited too long as it is, and we cannot wait any longer. They are going to do it to us again, and Portland cannot afford to dodge the ball any longer. Contact the office of Commissioner Sten and urge him -- all the more because of this new revelation of PATRIOT II -- that the time to come forward and sponsor the proposed civil liberties resolution is NOW.
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