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A small protest against war

From the open publishing newswire: Early Thursday morning, a local artist hung several masks/signs (see photos) on the fountain in the courtyard at Clackamas Community College. The title of the fountain is "Art at the Fountain," and it includes several bronze faces sculpted into it along with words from such "anarchists" as Sojurner Peace, Harriet Tubman, Eleanor Roosevelt, etc. and therefore seemed to be a natural for uploading and posting a few anti war sentiments, in hopes of stirring a little thought. No property was defaced in any way, as the masks were "set free" by the artist, and simply hung by wires, to go their own way. They were posted at six a.m. and attracted a lot of attention as students and faculty arrived to face their day. They were, however, removed sometime around eleven a.m. by persons unknown.
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