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Solo timber sale goes to Freres Lumber; Auction protested

From the open publishing newswire: on friday, february 7, 60+ protesters gathered at the Mt. Hood National Forest office in Sandy, to express their disdain over the auction of two timber sales -- Solo and Tarzan. the auction of Solo was actually a re-auction, and that was the big news of the day. the rights to cut Solo were originally purchased by Thomas Creek (at the now famous July 30 auction), but they backed out inexplicably, after not touching a single trunk. the forest service then offered the sale to the other two companies that bid on it during the original auction in july, but they were not interested in it. those who have been in the forest defense community for years have never heard of this happening before. direct action, it seems, got the goods and scared 'em all off!

it was cold at the forest service office today, but the crowd was lively and dedicated, chanting "you buy solo, you buy us!" as it turned out, only one company bid on Solo, which is unusual (though not unheard of). the company, freres lumber, had sent people out to look at Solo over the summer. according to Sarah Wald, of BARK, freres is one of the nastier lumber companies. [ Read More... ]

[ A message for the Freddies who'll be at the Solo re-auction on Friday morning ]

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