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In unprecedented move, Forest Service to re-auction Solo timber sale on Friday; BARK demands sale cancellation; CFA calls for protest

From the open publishing newswire: On the eve of the re-auction of the controversial Solo Timber Sale, BARK, the watchdog organization of Mt. Hood National Forest, has issued a letter to the Forest Service urging the cancellation of the Solo timber sale due to significant new information including:
  • Finding of second rare Old Growth Specklebelly Lichen
  • Unbuffered Streams
  • Failure of the Peavine Sale to mitigate road density

"This new information clearly reveals the faults in the planning of the old growth Solo timber sale. The best way to protect our drinking watersheds and old growth forests is to cancel the Solo sale," said Bark forest defense coordinator Sarah Wald.

The Solo timber sale was originally auctioned on July 30, 2002 while over a hundred citizens rallied outside the Mt. Hood Forest Service Headquarters. The sale was bought that day by Thomas Creek Lumber, convicted twice of timber theft from public land. In an unexpected turn of events, Thomas Creek was not awarded the contract. The Forest Service will be re-auctioning the Solo sale on Friday February 7 at 8 am at the Mt. Hood Forest Service Headquarters. Protests are planned by several environmental groups. [ Read More... ]

Cascadia Forest Alliance calls for protest at Solo timber sale re-auction
Thomas Creek Lumber - the company which purchased the rights to log Solo at an auction last July 30th -did not finalize the contract. While the Forest Service will not reveal why this unprecedented failure to award the contract occurred, we believe Thomas Creek and other companies backed out because of the controversy around the sale CFA helped create. Another victory! Tarzan is being re-auctioned because there were no bidders at its first auction. Come participate in a peaceful rally at the Mt. Hood Forest Supervisors Headquarters, 16400 Champion Way, Sandy OR 97055. Carpools at CFA office leave at 7am, breakfast starting at 6:30. Call us in advance 241-4879 for a wake up call that morning. Let us know if you can help drive. [ Read More... ]

An account from the LAST Solo auction
Here is my account of the last Solo auction in July, starting when I got arrested. I've since gotten a "no complaint" from the DA's office, which means they've decided to shelve the case until it becomes interesting again or expires. I still don't have my knife back, and a complaint against the arresting officer doesn't really seem to be going anywhere... [ Read More... ]