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Tacoma refused permit for Peltier March, solidarity is needed

The City of Tacoma refuses permit on unconstitutional grounds for Leonard Peltier March for Justice. We need solidarity!
Please post widely

P.O. BOX 5464
TACOMA, WA 98415-0464
E-MAIL:  bayou@blarg.net


For the past ten years the Tacoma Leonard Peltier Support Group has held a march and rally for justice for Leonard Peltier. The Tacoma LPSG is a part of a regional support network (NWLPSN), which has organized or helped organize 60 rallies and marches through out our region with few problems from city governments. We try hard to keep the focus on Leonard Peltier and Native issues and we have not sought to give anyone any problems.
This year our annual Tacoma march and rally is a bit different than those in the past because supporters from a number of different NW cities have joined in the organizing for the event, thus the event has become a regional event. In past years we have marched on the sidewalk, but because the turnout will be larger this year, we applied for a permit that would let us march in the street. The City of Tacoma has refused to issue us a permit. We if cannot change that we will march on the sidewalk, (we will not allow anyone to change our focus from Leonard Peltier and Native issues), but we wish to address the reasons why the City of Tacoma refuses to issue us a permit because the reasons are relevant to all social activists. At this time there are three official reasons given to us by the City of Tacoma:
1. Lack of payment for the police at our march. The City says that we must pay for all the police that come out for our march. We are not asking for them to come out at all, and we could never raise all the money they want. This we know to be unconstitutional base upon federal court rulings.
2. The lack of an insurance bond. Again we do not have the money for this and again this is unconstitutional. I was involved in one case on this before (Steve Robideau, Terry Bear Ribs and Arthur Miller vs. The City of Leavenworth) and we won the case. The ruling was that it is unconstitutional to deny the right of freedom of assembly based upon lack of financial resources. They did not even tell me about needing the bond until they called me up to say they would not issue a permit.
3. The lack of notifying in writing each person who is to take part in the march of some type of laws which they would not tell me what laws I had to notify people of. I asked how it was possible to notify in writing beforehand everyone who comes to the march?
Again I was not told of this until I got the call today.
What these requirements that the City of Tacoma is demanding is a clear statement that only rich people can have permits to march in the City of Tacoma! Because our marches have included Elders, Children and others who may not wish to confront the City Of Tacoma, if our lawyers cannot get us our permit, we will march on the sidewalk, which does not need a permit.
The refusal of giving us a permit has not been the only form of official harassment of us. A Detective of the Intelligence Division of the Tacoma Police Department (Jeff Ship) contacted me. He said he was calling me about the traffic situation with the march. But the questions he asked me had nothing to do with traffic. He asked; what will the speakers speak about? (I just told him Native issues), He asked about members of our group (I told him nothing on that), He asked about if there were going to be anti-war people at the march, he asked about our car pools, and other things (which I gave him a lot of "I don't know"s). He knew a lot about our past events and even knew to call me, which shows that the Tacoma Police Department has intelligence files on our group, even though we have never broken any laws unless speaking out about Leonard Peltier and other Natives issues is against the law.
As Leonard Peltier has shown us, struggling for justice for the people is not easy, that is why we call it a struggle. Though the struggle for the freedom of speech and assembly does not call for the type of sacrifices Leonard has had to make, still it does take effort on our part. The Tacoma LPSG will not back down in the face of intimidation; we will carry on our purpose, even if we must do it alone. But we believe that we will not be alone. We respectfully ask all who believe in social justice to join us for our march on Feb. 8th in Tacoma (see below for more information) for the greatest protection we can have from further harassment will come from the greatest number of people possible that join us in the march. Please network with your friends, groups and organizations (and pass this e-mail statement to others and to lists) to bring people out for the march and let the City of Tacoma know that there are many people who they cannot intimidated. Though we may have to march on the sidewalk, later we may see then need to call for a civil liberties march.
We also have the need of people video taping the march and rally and for legal observers.
The City of Tacoma needs to hear from you where ever you maybe. Please call, e-mail or snail mail letters to the Mayor of Tacoma asking that the City of Tacoma respect the rights of free speech and freedom of assembly for those that do not have the money to buy those rights. Contact: Mayor Bill Baarsma, 747 Market St., Suite 1200, Tacoma, WA 98402-3766; Phone: (253) 591-5100; E-mail:  bbaarsma@cityoftacoma.org.
Thank You
Arthur J. Miller
Tacoma LPSG

P.O. BOX 5464
TACOMA, WA 98415-0464
E-MAIL:  bayou@blarg.net



For Peace, Justice and Freedom for all People


Dedicated to the memory of Nilak Butler and Standing Deer who recently passed on from this world.

NEEDS: Signs and Banners

PORTLAND AVE PARK (on Portland Ave. between E. 34th and
E. Fairbanks Ave. Take Portland Ave. exit off I-5 and head east)


Matilaja, Yu'pik - Yakama, Tacoma LPSG
Harold Belmont, Elder, Native People's Alliance With Friends and Allies
Dorothy Ackerman, Lakota Elder
Helaire EchoHawk, Native American Coalition
Juan Jose Bocanegra, long time Peltier supporter
Michael Oneroad, Portland AIM
Steve Hapy Jr, NW AIM
Arthur J. Miller, Tacoma LPSG
Matt Remle, Lakota, Community Coalition for Environmental Justice
Peter Bohmer, Evergreen State College Teacher
Pio Celestino, Peruvian Indigenous Elder, Regugio Del Rio Grande

Jim Page

SEATTLE: Meet at 10:45 at the parking lot at 22nd and Madison.
OLYMPIA: Meet at 10:45 Media Island 816 Adams St.


(Only a few blocks from the rally site) Please bring food.

The Honoring Potluck will take place right after the Feb. 8th Rally For Justice For Leonard Peltier. This is open to all supporters. This meal will give thanks to those who have helped in the past 10 years with our regional network and with the Feb. 8th march and rally. It is also a time to make connections to build for the future.

DONATIONS NEEDED! We have had to borrow money to pay for fliers, posters, and mailing in order to put on the Feb. 8th March and Rally For Justice For Leonard Peltier. Our group is a grassroots group and we have no other funding outside of donations that come from you, our supporters. Please if you can, send us a donation to: Seattle LPSG, P.O. Box 2514, Seattle, WA 98111. (Please make checks out to the Northwest Leonard Peltier Support Network).

HOW YOU CAN HELP. Please pass this message on to others and if you would like to get out fliers and posters please let us know at:  bayou@blarg.net

SPONSORED BY: Tacoma LPSG, NW AIM, Native People's Alliance With Friends and Allies, Native American Coalition, Seattle LPSG

Feb. 6th, 2003 will mark the 27th year since AIM activist Leonard Peltier's arrest. After Leonard's defense team in appeals disproved the government's case against Leonard the government stated that they have no evidence directly connecting Leonard to the deaths of the FBI agents that he was convicted for, but still he has not been granted a new trial. The Leonard Peltier Defense Committee has a new appeal and a lawsuit against the FBI. This event is in support of the appeal, lawsuit and seeks to send a message of solidarity for the continuous struggle for justice for Leonard Peltier. www.freepeltier.org.

When you're conquered, the people you're conquered by dictate your future. This is a basic philosophy of mine. If I'm part of a conquered nation, then I've got to yield to authority. Norman Zigrossi, FBI

There is a possibility that the jury would have acquitted Leonard Peltier had the records and data improperly withheld from the defense been available to him in order to better exploit and reinforce the inconsistencies casting strong doubts upon the government's case. Eighth Circuit Court Opinion, 1986

I have no doubt whatsoever that the real motivation behind both Wounded Knee II and the Oglala firefight, and much of the turmoil throughout Indian Country since the early 1970s, was—and is—the mining companies' desire to muffle AIM and all traditional Indian people, who sought—and still seek—to protect the land, water, and air from their thefts and depredations. In this sad and tragic age we live in, to come to the defense of Mother Earth is to be branded a criminal. Leonard Peltier
Bravo Tacoma! 31.Jan.2003 20:13

Bush Admirer

It's good to see that the entire left coast hasn't gone over to the whacko left extremist. Bravo Tacoma.

Celebrating a brutal depraved murderer like Leonard Peltier isn't appropriate. To their credite, the City of Tacoma managed to figure that out. Congratulations to them.

Tune in to  http://www.prodeathpenalty.com and click on the 'Discussion and Chat.' If you have any delusions that Peltier might really be innocent, the folks there will straighten you out.

Great News BA! 31.Jan.2003 22:29

Rush Limbaugh

Look down the wire a ways, you'll see that there are eight other guys over in Europe also Admire Dubya.

Over BA's Shoulder

coward 31.Jan.2003 23:03

BA Basher

Your a vile, pathetic, little coward BA. May a million dark and violent things hunt you down and destroy you.

March Anyway 01.Feb.2003 00:29

GRINGO STARS gringo_stars@attbi.com

Permit Schmermit. Who needs one? Go and march.

BA and his Columbus mindset 01.Feb.2003 10:25


Ignore BA. He has a compulsive obsessive disorder, and a mean streak a mile wide. A real bad combo.

I urge all who can make it to show up for Leonard Peltier, which means you will be there for all the others who have been wronged by the FBI. Leonard is only one of their political prisoners. Showing up for him is showing up for all of the FBI's victims. If Leonard is not your prisoner of choice, then show up anyway for your political prisoner of choice and be seen and heard.

BA and his kind were not able to wipe us out. I am proof of that. The Tsalagi Nation lives on, and we are behind Leonard all the way. There are those out there who would like to see the genocide against the Native peoples reach a "final solution," even today. The struggle goes on. We are not out of the water yet, not by a long shot. Show up and be heard. It doesn't matter if you are a red skin, a white skin or a black skin, you are needed.

Permits? You don't need no stinkin' permits! 03.Feb.2003 21:22

Emilio Zapata

Don't be sheep. If the City won't give you a permit, march anyway, without one. Granted, there's a risk of unwanted and aggressive police interference (i.e. police riot), but if you're willing to risk abuse and arrest at the hands of the police, and your march is peaceful, you will prevail. Make sure you get the media (alternative media, if the mainstream media isn't interested, from Seattle if necessary) inerested enough to show up and cover the event; and take a cue from other non-permitted marches and public demonstrations: be prepared to document with videotape and/or photographs any police abuses that do occur. Have a good civil rights attorney on tap and, when the dust clears, aggressively pursue all cases of civil rights violations against peaceful demonstrators by the police. I can almost guarantee that this will be bad PR for the City of Tacoma, and they will sing a different tune next time.