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Hacktivism is necessary to find out what the enemy is undertaking, and stop it before they can cause human suffering
/6/2001 GENEVA (AP) - Hackers appear to have stolen data on thousands of world and business leaders, including former President Clinton, organizers of the World Economic Forum said Monday. The weekly Sonntags Zeitung of Zurich reported Sunday that hackers have produced a CD-ROM containing secured information on 27,000 people who have attended the global forum in recent years, including

Clinton, former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright and Microsoft founder Bill Gates. Lawyers for the World Economic Forum, held annually in Davos, Switzerland, were filing for
an injunction to stop further dissemination of the data, said Charles McLean, the forum's chief spokesman. The perpetrators are unknown. The newspaper said the material - including the credit card numbers of some 1,400 prominent people - had been collected by anti-globalization protesters. Opponents who have mounted demonstrations against the forum maintain that it is an exclusive club acting in the interests of big business and against the world's poor.

Anti-globalists turn to hacking ... becoming modern day "Hactivists."

The technicians at the WTO got a bit suspicious when "journalists" in an online press conference went by screen names like "NO-TO-WTO." Still, WTO Director, General Mike Moore gamely answered all questions thrown at him until he was knocked off-line by
anti-globalization protesters with excellent computer skills. This week, similarly motivated "hacktivists" grabbed headlines, announcing they'd collected personal data on some 1,400 business and political leaders by breaking into the database of last month's World Economic Forum. Increasingly, social activists are turning to hacking to make their point, breaking into computer systems to attack the corruption of power. The Internet has turned out to be a remarkable tool of war for nonviolent protest on a scale activists could only dream of before.

It's up to your generation to save my future. I too want to be able to pursue my own dreams.

To get at the plans and information they are hiding is the goal in a cyber- war.

 http://www.hackers.com/index2.htm Hackers.Com was started in 1994 by HackingWiz as a home on the world wide web for his popular dial-up underground BBS, The Hackers' Haven, which has been in operation since 1983. Hackers.Com represented not only a BBS that freely distributed information, but a place for freedom of speech and freedom of the mind that allowed knowledge to pass through it unfiltered. He then hired Hyper Viper who became the head web master for Hackers.Com and added his own unique talents to the site. From the beginning Hackers.Com represented the ethical side of the underground, the side that penetrated systems not to destroy, but to create knowledge in the minds of everyone who viewed its contents.

To this day the original LOA members (Phreaked Out, Fallout, and Phreak Show) still work closely with Hackers.Com in their spare time and contribute their talents to Hackers.Com projects and services. As you can see, Hackers.Com was founded on ethics and the idea that knowledge is power, and it will continue to represent those beliefs to the best of its ability.

A militia armed to the teeth will have no effect in an effort to save America.

 http://www.happyhacker.org/ "By 2002, approximately 19 million people worldwide will have the skills to mount a cyber attack." Where will you stand in this war?

The largest corporations are hiring hackers to protect their files.

 http://www.hackerz.org/ The Hacker's Defense Foundation is a Not-for-Profit foundation dedicated and committed to the advancement of the hacking community, through education, of the social, political, and legal implications of the uses of technology, and seeks to enlighten the public and law enforcement about hacking community, through education, that hackers are not the lawless goons that law enforcement, the news media, and Hollywood would try to portray them as.


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