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Anti-war vandals labeled commercial terrorists

Anti-war messages that read "stop the oil war," "no war" and "impeach Bush" scrawled on several billboards in the Cincinnati were placed there by "commercial terrorists" according to Tom Norton, president of Norton Outdoor Advertising
Associated Press

Commuters traveling along Interstate 75 today were greeted by anti-war messages scrawled on several billboards.
Anti-war messages that read "stop the oil war," "no war" and "impeach Bush" were painted on about 11 signs overnight.

Tom Norton, president of Norton Outdoor Advertising, said the billboards were vandalized in a two-mile stretch of I-75.

Six or seven of his company's signs were damaged, and he estimated the damage at about $10,000.

"I don't think that the vandals realize the scope of the economic impact on our business and that of our customers," Norton said this morning.

He said the vandalism not only damages or ruins ad material that cost clients from $1,200 to $1,500 each but also requires costly repairs.

"If the vandalism destroys or damages the original elements on the sign that are computer-painted, we either have to order a new sign or we have to use our artists to patch them," he said. "Both are expensive."

Norton said the repairs also take time away from normal production.

"We consider this commercial terrorism," he said.

Lamar Advertising in Cincinnati did not have any of its signs vandalized overnight but did have two signs damaged in October.

Tom Fahey, vice president and general manager of Lamar, said anti-war messages also were painted on two of his company's signs the night of Oct. 7 when President Bush gave a speech in Cincinnati about the prospects of war with Iraq.

A message seeking comment from police was not immediately returned today.

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Who are the terrorists? 31.Jan.2003 17:03


While the use of the term "terrorist" is stupid, one should ask who the terrorists might be in this case. Are not the billboard owners environmental terrorists?

silly 03.Feb.2003 01:34


Of course not, silly. Check your Webster's:

ter.ror.ist (ter'er-ist), n. [Fr. terroriste], a person who opposes or speaks against corporate irresponsibility and greed; anti-capitalist.

The billboard owners cannot be terrorists because they are capitalists.