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Entrepreneurs launch Northwest 'sustainable industries' journal

New monthly publication highlights environmental innovation in business
Entrepreneurs launch Northwest 'sustainable industries' journal
Entrepreneurs launch Northwest 'sustainable industries' journal
Sustainable Industries Journal, a monthly business trade publication aimed at economic and environmental innovators spanning a variety of Northwest industries, is proud to announce the launch of its debut issue on Feb. 1, 2003. Portland-based Celilo Group is working in tandem with local journalist Brian J. Back on the publication, which arrives in the mailboxes of several thousand potential subscribers in the next few days.
The ambitious premiere issue offers several engaging news features written by a diverse mix of Northwest journalists; dozens of news briefs spotlighting seven specific industry sectors; business leads; a "Tactical Maneuvers" job-announcement segment; a comprehensive events calendar; and informative lists that help define the economic movement afoot; and much more.
SIJ has contracted with a Puget Sound-based associate editor who is responsible for mining news nuggets throughout Seattle and Washington state. Celilo Group principal Nik Blosser is working as SIJ's executive publisher and editor in charge of business operations. Back, a former reporter for The Business Journal of Portland and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, is the journal's editor and co-publisher.
"There are a number of groundbreaking efforts underway in isolated pockets throughout the Northwest," Back said. "Nobody has targeted this regional audience so aggressively before. Our goal is to synthesize efforts, ask some tough questions, and create a stronger and more unified voice of optimism at a time when the region really needs it."
Part of SIJ's mission is to help generate an ongoing, working definition of the emerging sustainable industries economy. When one enters into the economic equation issues such as climate change, the looming collapse of the fossil fuel era, depleted and contaminated natural resources, unprecedented population demands, community health and disease, plummeting biodiversity, and much more, it becomes clear that ecological innovation will define the world's economic future. The Northwest is positioned to lead the United States in developing this expertise, and SIJ intends to chronicle the ambitions, tribulations and successes of its pioneers.
SIJ also intends to raise reader expectations about what's possible in trade journals - to reach far beyond pasted-together clips of jargon and mug shots of businesspeople in suits. The journal offers a consistency that is smart, crisp and informative with in-depth reporting and top-quality writing. The reader will be served with a smorgasbord of critical analysis and insider tidbits, minus the puff and fluff typical of this largely ignored beat. The visual style, meanwhile, is engaging, modern and colorful.
SIJ's seven spotlighted industry sectors include:

Agriculture & Natural Resources
Green Building
Manufacturing & Technology
Retail & Service
Transportation & Tourism

Yearly subscriptions cost $115, though introductory rates have been lowered to $85 through March 31, 2003. The subscription also includes an annual "Industry Overview" book, which contains over two dozen lists ranging in topic from the region's top renewable energy purchasers to the region's largest certified agriculture and timber operations.
SIJ's launch is made possible in part by financial support from the City of Seattle's Office of Economic Development and Office of Sustainability and Environment; the Oregon Economic and Community Development Department and the Washington Department of Ecology.
To receive a free issue or to learn more, visit SIJ online at www.sijournal.com.

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