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a small brief moment of light in the darkness

To watch and suffer Bush remains an exercise in self-flagellation most of the time. But today, for one brief, small moment during the joint brief presentation by Bush and Blair regarding their coming carnage they will deliver on Iraq, there was a tiny flicker of light that chased away the shadows, if only for a few instants. It was lovely, and sweet.

One of the British journalists posed a question to Bush that was astounding--it must have shook Bush to the core with its directness and honesty. The journalist asked Bush, and I'll paraphrase as well as I can, since I don't remember it verbatim--"Isn't it true that the invasion of Iraq was planned long ago and all this is really just a charade?" (re: WMD, etc.)

Bush looked like he got hit by a 2 X 4 for a moment, and then launched into his post 9-11 vision thing, of battling evil and shifting strategies because the world was forever changed.

Since it was one of those quickly assembled and short news addresses with a few questions allowed (the White House "rules" call for no more than 2 questions per reporter), somehow a real journalista got through and actually was able to sucker punch Bush with a question he never saw coming. Might the the crack in liberty's bell be widening?

Any bets someone loses his job today, and the White House censors recieve a chilling rebuke?
The Two Podiums 31.Jan.2003 14:27

Boromir Balls

Saruman & Sauron

*Notice the frightened chimp facial reaction Bush made after the question of note was uttered.
The Two Podiums
The Two Podiums

link to transcript of this 31.Jan.2003 15:17


Can anyone tell me where on the web I can find a transcript of the news comference mentioned above, with the question talked about above asked?? I looked on CNN, but couldn't find one...help?

Here it is 31.Jan.2003 17:04

Biking Jesus

From the transcript on the official White House site:

Q Mr. President, an account of the White House after 9/11 says that you ordered invasion plans for Iraq six days after September the 11th -- Bob Woodward's account. Isn't it the case that you have always intended war on Iraq, and that international diplomacy is a charade in this case?

THE PRESIDENT: Actually, prior to September the 11th, we were discussing smart sanctions. We were trying to fashion a sanction regime that would make it more likely to be able to contain somebody like Saddam Hussein. After September the 11th, the doctrine of containment just doesn't hold any water, as far as I'm concerned.

I've told you the strategic vision of our country shifted dramatically, and it shifted dramatically because we now recognize that oceans no longer protect us, that we're vulnerable to attack. And the worst form of attack could come from somebody acquiring weapons of mass destruction and using them on the American people, or the worst attack could come when somebody uses weapons of mass destruction on our friends in Great Britain.

Recently, Tony Blair's government routed out a poison plot. It should say to the people of Great Britain, there is a present danger, that weapons of mass destruction are a danger to people who love freedom. I want to congratulate you on your fabulous job of using your intelligence and your law enforcement to protect the people of Great Britain.

Today, Italy rounded up yet another cell of people who are willing to use weapons of mass destruction on those of us who love freedom.

And so, no, quite the contrary. My vision shifted dramatically after September the 11th, because I now realize the stakes. I realize the world has changed. My most important obligation is to protect the American people from further harm. And I will do that.

Thank you all very much.