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Mr Neutron Sketch reworked 2

I bet they're really scared!
(In the Offal office, Bush is sniffing himself again, only this time he has his whole shirt front pulled up and he is trying to smell under his shirt. The intercom goes. He quickly tucks his shirt in and depresses the switch.)

Bush: Yes?

Carpenter: Captain Carpenter here, sir. We've been on red alert now for three days, sir, and still no sign of Mr. Hussein.

Bush: Have we bombed anywhere? Have we shown everyone we got teeth?

Carpenter: Oh yes, sir. We've bombed a lot of places flat, sir.

Bush: Good. Good. We don't want anyone to think we're chicken.

Carpenter: Oh no! They don't think that, sir. Everyone's really scared of us, sir.

Bush: Of us?

Carpenter: Yes, sir.

Bush: (pleased) Of our power?

Carpenter: Oh yes, sir! They're really scared when they see those big planes come over.

Bush: Wow! I bet they are. I bet they are! I bet they're really scared!

Carpenter: Oh they are, sir.

Bush: Do we have any figures on how scared they are?

Carpenter: No ... no figures, sir. But they sure were scared.

Bush: Ah! But it's not working?

Carpenter: No, sir.