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alternative analyses of bush state of the disunion speech, collected

here are the independent analyses of the bush state of the disunion speech that appeared on portland indymedia this week. got links to other good ones? or thoughts of your own? add 'em here.

Line-by-line indy analysis of Herr Bush's speech
From the open publishing newswire: Two of us watched the State of the Union speech tonight in different places. One of us came over to the other's house afterwards to decompress from the unpleasant experience. Together, we went through the text of the speech and made some comments. [ Read More... ]

DAS pResidents state of the disUnion
The president gave the state of the union speech. The Democrats gave their response. The overall gist was war, war, war. With sprinklings of terror, terror, and terror. don't worry because the kinder gentler nation will finally pay tithing to faith based initiatives. Oh and the attack on abortion begins. And the old folks are going to get kicked of Medicare or lose an opportunity to have prescription drugs covered. Privatization of Medicare. Further if you are a good African dictator you will get aids relief. That it you can provide more service if you make a profit of those whom you are to help. Its ludicrous Orwellian republican logic that is going to ruin your life if not the economy if not both. [ Read More... ]

Cascadian National Party response to Bush and Democrats
On Tuesday evening, America's so-called President George W. Bush, spoke to America, Cascadia, and the world on several issues, including health care reform, alternative fuels, the environment, and the so-called "crises" posed by North Korea and Iraq. His speech was nothing more than a hollow, pie in the sky diatribe that offers very few and concrete solutions. On all these issues, the President gave citizens of the Pacific Northwest more reasons to separate from his policies of money and hegemony and form a government that is truly by, of, and for them. [ Read More... ]

Green Party response to State of the Union Speech
Greetings from the Green Party, the party of peace! Tonight the President promised America a policy of war. War on Iraq. War on minorities. War on the poor. War on regular working people. In response, the Green Party, America's only growing political party, offers an alternative of peace.

I represent almost 30,000 working people in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I know my constituents personally, and I know their struggles for decent housing and decent work. When my constituents need help, they call me on the phone. That's grassroots democracy in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Tonight, in Washington D.C., I must ask: "Who phoned Bush and asked for this war?" "Who phoned Congress and asked for this war?" I know that America did not dial that number. [ Read More... ]

Bush's state of the union speech - "The die is cast"
"Once again we are called to defend the safety of our people, and the hopes of all mankind." The words of George Bush's annual state-of-the-union address were full of lofty sentiments. But the President aims were more prosaic. Half way through his first term of office, his popularity ratings are falling. He is worried that he may not get re-elected in two years time. The first part of his speech, not accidentally, concentrated on the state of the economy: "We must have an economy that grows fast enough to employ every man and woman who seeks a job," Bush declared.

His analysis of what needs to be done was not even worthy of a simpleton. [ Read More... ]

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