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UN also receives report about Weapons of Mass Destruction in The Netherlands

For Mother Earth, a Non-Governmental Organization in Belgium, has sent a report of a citizen weapons inspection of Volkel, Netherlands to the UN Security Council. Previous inspections at Volkel have found evidence of American Nuclear Weapons being stored on the base.
New York - Brussels, September 27 2003 - Coinciding
with the much anticipated U.N. report on weapons
inspections in Iraq, this morning an international
group of Citizens Inspectors faxed a startling report
to all members of the U.N. Security Council in New
York. The report
gives very clear evidence of the secret and illegal
deployment of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) in The
Netherlands. It condemns the blatant use of double
standards by the UN Security Council concerning WMD.
The council's 15 member nations will hold closed-door
discussions on the U.N. report on Iraq next Wednesday
and will discuss the next steps. The citizens
inspectors, being part of a global movement for U.N.
treaties banning all WMD, hope for the U.N. Security
Council members to realize fully how their credibility
is once again at stake.

The inspectors, affiliated with the NGO For Mother
Earth, are today also particularly alerted by the fact
that the U.S. seems to be thinking about the
unthinkable: It is preparing for the possible use of
nuclear weapons against Iraq.

On January 18th 2003 the international team of weapons
inspectors was denied access to the NATO airforce base
(AFB) of Volkel in the Netherlands which is
suspected to harbor a stockpile of illegal US weapons
of mass destruction. The Dutch authorities ruled that
weapons inspectors coming within 5 meters of the
military fence are to be arrested immediately. 104
citizens inspectors who persisted in attempts to
accomplish their mission were arrested and treated as
criminals, according to one of the spokespersons. The
report gives overwhelming evidence of non-cooperation
and the repression by Dutch authorities concerning the
illegal stockpile of WMD on its territory.

According to unconfirmed reports eleven US B-61
tactical nuclear bombs are deployed at this Dutch
airforce base. None of the military personnel would
cooperate or answer any of the questions of the
inspectors, stating they had received the order not to
talk to any civilian. Also, the Dutch police officers
complied with the order of secrecy. However at times
they also admitted they did not have any knowledge nor
access themselves to this sensitive and classified

After the arrest the inspectors were handled as cattle
in a freezing warehouse inside the NATO base being
searched, photographed and stripped of pens, notepads,
portables, food, etc. "We are being treated as
criminals" declared Pol D'Huyvetter one of the
inspectors. "A similar attitude towards the UN
inspectors in Iraq would immediately generate massive
bombings by the US and the UK. We have to report and
condemn the use of double standards towards Weapons of
Mass Destruction by the UN Security Council. For the
security of humanity we urge the UN General Assembly
to reform and stop the council being hijacked by the
national interests of the US and the other permanent

In the past both members of Parliament and citizen
groups in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and the UK
have been denied any official information about these
WMD which are in breach with international
humanitarian law as well as with Article I and Article
II of the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. On July
8th 1996 the International Court of Justice of The
Hague ruled that the use or threat to use nuclear
weapons is generally contrary to the rules of
international law. The Court also confirmed
unanimously that there exists a legal obligation for
the US, UK, France, Russia and China to
negotiate a global disarmament treaty banning all
nuclear weapons. According to investigations of
citizens groups similar WMD are deployed in NATO
member states Belgium (AFB Kleine Brogel), Germany
(AFB Büchel), Italy (AFB Aviano and AFB Ghedi Torre),
UK (AFB Lakenheath) and Turkey (AFB Inçirlik).
The use of double standards by the US is clearly
illustrated in Turkey where US planes are today
preparing to take off to bomb Iraq because of its
possible production and possession of WMD. Magali
Fontanel, a French inspector declared: "this situation
is ludicrous. Of course we need inspectors to
search for accurate information concerning WMD in
Iraq. However it is unjust not to have the same
transparency nor disarmament program when we talk
about WMD in the democratic states. By use of such
double standards the US and UK loses all credibility
when it threatens Iraq with war and a change of
regime. Will we now threaten the Netherlands with a
massive bombing campaign? There is therefore no
justification to go to war against Iraq".



For Mother Earth
p.a. Gents Ecologisch Centrum
K. Maria Hendrikaplein 5
9000 Gent
e-mail:  belgium@motherearth.org
Phone +32-9-242 87 52
Fax +32-9-242 87 51

homepage: homepage: http://www.motherearth.org

Hey Smart Guy 29.Jan.2003 08:28

Pretend games w/ your imaginary friends

Yeah yeah, this is all well and good to play dress up, etc.

BTW the B-61 launch vehicle was phased out in the '50's, it's targeting wouldn't be very acurate and I'd be a bit worried if the folks were still planning to use these to lob nukes since they were designed in the '40's.

Oh yeah but then again none of you rally know what you're talking about right?

Oops silly me I forgot.

Arogant Americans 29.Jan.2003 09:22


I can't even begin to say how much dumbasses like you bug me!
Blah Blah Blah phased out in 1950 blah I blah AM blah A blah FOOL blah!
Thats all that comes out of your mouth!
Just keep your mouth closed because you do not know a damn thing!
Unlike the previous comment this link does offer photos of the NUKE that Bush will be using B-61 (currently known as the MK-11)  http://www.villagevoice.com/issues/0252/smith.php

America will soon be the most unsafe country to live in thanks to the Dictator Bush.

If any American wants to find a terrorist one just has to look at their own government leaders.

America Used Nuclear weapons against another country 2 times killing over a million people (Japan - Heroshima & Nagasaki. People today are still suffering from it. Thousands upon thousands of survivors at the time are now being eaten alive by cancer.)

Used chemical AND biological weapons on another country: Vietnam peoples are still suffering from the effects of Napalm and Agent Orange America bombed and sprayed on them.

Used biological weapons against it's own people: One story alone is when the Government tainted drinking water in San Fransico Ca to study how much was needed and effects of using biological weapons. THousands upon thousands were made sick for weeks.

Starving to death or directly killing inocent peoples: 20 years of sanctions against various countries in the middle east. Currently 12 years of sanctions against Iraq. America has killed millions of Iraquis including thousands upon thousands of children in Iraq by cutting of food (starving men woman, and children), medical supplies (mostly effecting/killing the elderly and babies) and the basic components to make clean drinking water (big problem in that region (Imagine a babie dying from the lack of water).

horrible, horrible, horrible
and Americans think they are going to be meet with open arms. Try just arms, arms with lots of bullets in them.
Arogant America!