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Ted Nugent joins 'Savage Nation'

He has seen the light.
The plaudits for Michael Savage's No. 1 New York Times best seller are just beginning.

The latest to endorse "The Savage Nation" is eclectic rock star Ted Nugent.

"Long before the war on terrorism reared its ugly voodoo head, America was in the throes of a horrific cultural war that, I believe, has been neutering us into irresponsible apathetic vulnerability," says Nugent, an author himself. "Political correctness is embarrassingly sweeping this great nation into a blathering puddle of drooling denial. Michael Savage has been and remains on the frontlines against this demonic jihad against our 'we the people' soul, and his book, 'The Savage Nation,' speaks accurately and courageously against the paroled punks who would gut the spirit of America with a banned rusty shiv.

"Common sense is still a self-evident truth for working-hard, playing-hard American families, and Michael nails it all throughout this great book. It should be mandatory reading for all schoolchildren in America. Then they should be quizzed every other year making them better equipped to pursue their American Dreams. Michael Savage is a qualified guide and outfitter for this journey in self-government, and I salute him and his attitude. Read this book; it's Kevlar for the soul."

Not only is "The Savage Nation" No. 1 on the New York Times best-seller list, it also remains high atop most other industry lists - from Amazon.com to the Associated Press to Publishers Weekly.

"This is a real triumph for Michael Savage, for talk radio and for the power of the Internet," said Joseph Farah, editor of WorldNetDaily and co-founder of WND Books, the first publishing imprint launched by an Internet content site.

''The Savage Nation'' is the second release of WND Books, which was created by WorldNetDaily and Thomas Nelson Publishers.

The book has been rushed into a second printing, a third and is scheduled for a fourth already - just weeks after release.

''To say that this book is a publishing sensation is an understatement,'' said Farah. ''There's no telling where this book will go. It's hitting a chord. Michael Savage is resonating across the nation.''

''The Savage Nation'' is the story of one man's love affair with the United States.

''I would do anything to protect the freedoms I enjoy: Freedom of speech, freedom of worship, freedom of assembly, and freedom from fear,'' says Savage.

Savage takes a refreshingly honest look at what he sees as an erosion of these freedoms, taking aim not just at the government but forces within our society and so-called ''civil-liberty groups,'' which he says continue to attack each of these freedoms, in the name of freedom. At the same time, he believes a growing international government, the United Nations, continually attempts to override these freedoms.

Autographed copies of the book are available exclusively at the WorldNetDaily online store, ShopNetDaily.

As liberals try to figure out how to reach talk-radio listeners, Savage explains that it is all in the message.

''Liberals supporting the same tax and spend policies and continuously assaulting our American culture and values is not what the American people want to hear,'' he says. ''We must uphold our patriotism, strong families and traditional American values,'' writes Savage. ''This book has the power to unravel years of liberal brainwashing.''

Michael Savage's unparalleled passion for the ''land of the free and the home of the brave'' can be heard daily on more than 300 radio stations nationwide. His unmistakable style has earned him 6 million listeners a week and made him the No. 1 afternoon drive-time host on KSFO in the San Francisco Bay Area. He's also heard in other major markets including New York on WABC and in Boston on WRKO and was just added to Baltimore's WCBM-AM.

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Bust ditto heads. 29.Jan.2003 11:11


Nugent 30.Jan.2003 01:46


Ted Nugent is the brilliant artist who's smash hits include "Cat Scratch Fever" and "Wang Dang, Sweet Poontang". This man obviously is intelligent and has a lot to say. Gosh, he must rank right up there with Charleton Heston!

Savage's real name, by the way, is Wiener. How appropriate.

the show I'd like to see 31.Jan.2003 13:54


Pat Buchanan, Bill O'Reilly, Ted Nugent, Al Sharpton and Jesse Ventura discuss current events. Now that I'd watch.