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US dissent seen abroad - keep it up

Congratulations to the anti-war movement so far. Arabia.com sees us, now we need Multnohmah to help us, and we'll have to come up with good arguments against things said in the State of the Union address.
Arabia.com has this ( http://arabia.com/newsfeed/article/english/0,14183,365886,00.html) article about the protests and the city resolutions in the U.S. So, even if we don't stop this war, at least the rest of the world is noticing that we are trying. Keep it up!

Actually, some of you might bring this up at the Multnomah County anti-war resolution debate - even though the local government can't do much more that show our dissatisfaction with the national government, that may be an important thing to do if we want to convince terrorists that the American people are not as bad as the American (national) government. (I can't make it, so if someone else could bring that up for me, thanks!)

Speaking of the public though... we can only hope that Bush's State of the Union address didn't sway people to the pro-war side. The address obviously is intended to be effective, and the effect the writers were going for was more public support from America. The President made his point that clearly Iraq has not disarmed (because there are some 29,984 warheads unaccounted for, etc.)... so the only anti-war hope I have is that Iraq says "oh here they are, come destroy them" or we come up with still better arguments against war. We will need them if we want to do well at Multnomah County; anyone got any?
Exactly 29.Jan.2003 09:26

Dissent can make us free...

...to live in a coffin. Yes, keep up the dissent work. If we can keep dividing America, Al Queda will be emboldened and conquer us all the more easily. Idiots.

I am infinitely..... 29.Jan.2003 11:31


more worried about our internal fascists (like, oh, say, you!) than the Islamo-fascist Al Qaida. Unlike Al Qaida, these people have the ears of a very powerful government and the backing of important members of the political elite. Not to mention far more soldiers and means (media, courts, executive orders) at their disposal.