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UFO Sighting in London's Skyline!!!

A local tabloid in London have recently found a picture of a recent UFO sighting in London. Yes! London! Isn't that amazing?!?
UFO Sighting in London's Skyline!!!
UFO Sighting in London's Skyline!!!
Out of all the places, there would be an UFO sighting on the skyline of a famous city like London. The UFO sighting was discovered around 10pm at night. People who saw the actual spaceship were really amazed at how the spaceship really look like the ones we've imagined. Experiencing this was an experience of a lifetime says a taxi driver.

In cartoons and science-fiction movies the movie industry has always drew the picture of a spaceship of a disk-like sphere with light and flies like a saucer. Is that really how an UFO spaceship really looks like?!? According to the interviews of the witnesses who saw the spaceship said that it was a saucerlike ship and had dimming lights all around. Unfortunately, the spaceship was very, very far away into the sky they could not see the lights. They said they saw little dots of light estimated to be about the size of a pencil dot. Since during the sighting was very late at night they saw a black flying saucer floating in the air. The amount of time the spaceship stayed in the air was about under a minute. The encounters recalled seeing an an image of a spaceship and then it disappeared.

This time it's London, when will the next sighting going to be located at???

Could this be aliens visiting us???

not even the 'real' Agent Orange 28.Jan.2003 22:47


not even the 'real' Agent Orange
not even the 'real' Agent Orange

yes this is the Real Agent Orange 29.Jan.2003 10:00

Real Agent Orange

This isn't spam. I'm tired of s(k)eptics poo-pooing the truth about UFOs. Stop suppressing the truth.

transparent and threadbare 29.Jan.2003 13:08


SO, because agent orange defended my right to post on this subject you believe you have the right to shit all over indymedia with your tripe?

For every rare legitimate post on this subject you Spam us with no less than 3. In fact there isn't even another post on this subject on main page! you are the only one.

doesn't that say something about yourself?

yeah! 30.Jan.2003 08:51


yeah, Agent Orange is a stupid tinfoil hat wearin' homo spammer nut-job. leave us alone with your paranoid UFO rants and go play with your little pocket alien.

Well, I am honored... 30.Jan.2003 14:27


To have cultivated your avarice, impostor, they say one can judge the quality of a person by the character of his enemies.

I understand (sort of) your misdirected energy that I am sure wells up inside you giving you that antsy-pantsy feeling and the little dopamine rush you get from your devilish bit of mischief.

Those of you who saw through our friend's little prank know that never use that many exclamation points. And I am better at geography.

I don't think I have to say it on this newswire, or about this subject, but anyway: Don't believe everything you read, people.

The subject of UFOs is not one so berifit of credible information that we must go to tabloids to find our information. (Although tabloid newspapers have long been a useful arm of the CIA for disinformation purposes--it is not that people read tabloids and believe them, it is just the opposite...so where better to focus attention on a sensitive subject?)

Do a quick google search for Disclosure Project (www.disclosureproject.org) Witness John Callahan of the FAA for an airtight case with all the goods; multiple radar receivers data, multiple witnesses of unshakable credability and a half an hour of hard data on the whole thing. Even the corporate media cannot easily dismiss Mr. Callahan's case with msnbc doing a "positive" story on him last November.