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Measure 28 defeated: What it means

Here is an update on the defeat of Measure 28 as of 9:10 PM tonight. Plus how the counties voted, and what it means for social services, education and public safety in Oregon.

Measure 28 failed tonight!

With 70% of the vote counted these are the results:

No 494,509 or 56%
Yes 392,965 or 44%

More than 60% of all eligible voters in Oregon voted on this measure. The rural counties defeated it soundly. For instance Deschutes County defeated it No - 68% Yes - 32%

At 9:10 PM Multnomah county results with 28% of votes counted No -54% , Yes - 46%

What does this mean for Oregon? Well how about up a creek without a paddle...

The failure of Measure 28 will force the state to make $310 million in spending cuts on top of $700 million slashed from the budget last year.

Vital services will be cut all across Oregon. These include education, human services, and public safety.

* Mentally and physically disabled people will lose their services
* the K-12 school year will be further shortened possibly by 15 more days
* higher education tutitions will be raised
* people will lose access to medication (many of these people cannot live on their own without these medications.
* mental health services will be further cut - many agencies have already laid off 25% of their staff
* drug/alcohol treatment centers will be closed
*some correction facilities will be closed or partially closed
*services will be cut that are provided by public defenders

Further budget cuts will take place on March 1 will have major impact on mental health and addiction treatment programs statewide. An estimated 118,000 people will lose access to treatment services, forcing many to leave current treatment centers unless they can the full cost.

Mental health services will be limited, and medications for those diagnosed with mental illnesses will no longer be covered by the Oregon Health Plan.

Services to seniors will be drastically cut. Some nursing facilities will have to close. Seniors who live in their homes and need in-home care will lose their services placing them in jeopordy of harm or neglect. Nearly 4,200 Oregon seniors and people with disabilities are being advised to prepare for an end of Medicaid-paid services on Feb. 1. More notices will go out mid-Feb.

Services to infants, toddlers and preschoolers with disabilities will be reduced and day-care assistance for low-wage working families will be cut.

Pending State Budget Cuts...

The following cuts have ALREADY BEEN APPROVED by the legislature if Ballot Measure 28 fails:


? $95 million reduction in basic school funding, forcing local school districts to either layoff teachers, shorten the school year or increase class size.

? $3.1 million in early intervention for infants, toddlers and pre-schoolers with disabilities. Services to 785 children would be eliminated, possibly setting up the state for a federal lawsuit.

? $40.9 million to the university and community college systems.


? $21.6 million reduction achieved by closing five state prisons, releasing 3,360 inmates and laying off 923 Department of Corrections staff.

? $7 million reduction in grants to counties; counties may in turn return local inmates to state custody.

? $3 million reduction to the Oregon State Police, including 322 OSP positions.

? $4.7 million reduction to the Oregon Youth Authority, eliminating 250 OYA beds at four facilities statewide.

? $8 million reduction to the Oregon court system, closing most courts on Fridays.


? $20.6 million reduced from long-term medical care for over 11,000 senior citizens.

? $1.5 million reduced by eliminating Oregon Project Independence.

? $11.8 million in eliminated services to 5,512 Oregonians with developmental disabilities, possibly causing federal lawsuits.

? $8.7 million reduction for certain services, including treatable cancer, for all 438,000 Oregon Health Plan clients.

? $7.2 million reduction for over 118,000 people currently eligible for other Oregon Health Plan benefits.

? $3.3 million eliminated from assistance to 2,7000 low-income people with disabilities.

? $1.5 million cut in employment-related child care.

? $544,000 reduction in community health aid for 10,5000 Oregonians not on Medicaid.

? $667,000 eliminated for 122 adult mental health treatment beds.

? $1.1 million eliminated from the 115 alcohol and drug treatment beds state

Sources for this article: The Oregon Voter's Pamphlet, The Recovery Association Project, Addiction Counselors Certification board of Oregon.

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Raise Corporate Taxes 28.Jan.2003 21:26


Raise corporate taxes. Individual taxes already are too high. Corporations only are liable for 6% income tax. Do you think they even pay that?

Measure 28 was extortion, pure and simple.

Libertarians on Measure 28: 28.Jan.2003 21:36


Just heard the head of the Oregon Libertarian party speak about the defeat of Measure 28. His party worked to defeat it. He said he already had meetings with the Republicans in the legislature and they have a nifty plan to stop cuts to social services,education, and public safety.

Here it is:
cut the forests
cut the arts
cut pers
cut off people who he believes are on the dole
cut off anything that smacks of people organizing themselves to fight injustice

ok...this is really a world at war isn't it. Only now we may be headed toward civil war.

I voted for 28, but... 28.Jan.2003 21:40


I voted for 28, but Patty Wentz of "yes on 28" & the "voter education project" is a dumb Gore-loving twat.

How to get money 28.Jan.2003 21:48


I work my ass off for 70% of what I earned in San Jose at the exact same job. 9% tax bracket. One of the highest state income tax rates in the country.

I am a corporation. 6.6% tax rate.

I am a wealthy retiree from wherever just lookin for a great deal. Wow in Oregon I can buy all kinds a neat expensive STUFF and pay 0% sales tax, and since I have no income, he he hee no taxes for me. What a deal!

Were runnin outa options, maybe its time to tax those people who choose to be conspicuous consumers and lighten up on folks who have to work. Just an idea

Options 29.Jan.2003 00:06

Lifelong Oregonian, Soon Expat!

Ah, but we do have options. For those fortunate enough to have marketable skills, Vancouver, BC is not so very far up the tracks. Vancouver has, just for example, a 193-194 day school year, which is two months (plus?) per year more than Oregon's soon will be. For the less fortunate, Vancouver, WA is just across the river - you don't even have to leave your current job - and even Washington is in better shape than Oregon.

The Republicrats go on and on about how we have to have low low low corporate taxes in order to draw big companies. They (and let us not forget the really STUPID Oregon electorate either) don't consider that ordinary taxpayers are also able to move. I for one will be sorry to leave beautiful Oregon. But, I'd be even sorrier to sacrifice my children's future to the whims of the greedheads and idiots, voters and elected officials alike, who have run this state for the last 10-15 years.

either or 29.Jan.2003 02:41


The Republicrats are either stupid or lying, aren't they?

comment about rural areas 29.Jan.2003 02:50


rural areas obviously voted "no" on 28 in higher percantages. but since multnomah county residents couldn't even come up with a 51% "yes" vote i don't think we have the right to pass on any of the blame.

What? 29.Jan.2003 08:30


Measure 28 placed the burden on the wealthy. It was a progressive income tax. If your income was not high, you would sacrifice very little. Oregon has hit rock bottom and its residents are either clueless or cheap. I'd go for the former. The idiot libertarian party and the republicans dick heads that have destroyed this state did not want this tax. They want the public education system destroyed, leaving the rest of us slobs in deteriorated schools, while the rich haul their children in SUV's off to private institutions. Now you can llook forward to increased tuition at schools,increased social costs, increased day care costs, et al, which would be more than the increase you would have paid for measure 28. Between Sizemore and his cronies, to the Christain Right Legislature, they should all be exiled to some bug infested island.

To "Tax payer" 29.Jan.2003 11:00


Sure you make 70% of what you made in California, but you forget what you arent paying;

Sales Tax (8%)
exhorbinant housing prices (my 130K house would be worth 450K in San Jose)
property tax on exhorbinant housing prices

My guess is that your WAY ahead of where youd be in CA, and if I am wrong, move back...I wont have my feelings hurt by it.

Whats really happened is that prop 2 1/2 wrecked the tax structure in California, and so people have come up here and now are doing the same thing here.

What it means is!!! 29.Jan.2003 11:40

People Will. Die too__see@msn.com

What it means is people are going to die!! It means that the people who made the decision to cut the budgets had better start doing a lot of soul searching. It means that collectively we have lost our souls as a society. Had our state representatives taken responsibility for their jobs, which was to balance a budget doing what ever is necessary to keep the fabric of our society together, to continue to care for those unable to care for themselves, our senior citizens, and the disabled. They failed to do the job they were elected to do, so they left it up to the citizens who think they are already taxed to much.(By the way for all you cheap assholes who voted no on 28, there are 47 states that have to pay more taxes than we do). If you want everyone to have an education, in order to attract business to the state, you have to pay for it. What it means is nobody is going to want to move to Oregon when we don't take care of our citizens we have. What it means is by the stroke of the almighty pen, the lawmakers of our state have enleashed weapons of mass destruction upon it's own citizens. To think we were worried about the weapons that Iraq has(or at least bush was). It means that starting 1/31/2003 myself and 340 others like myself will have our drugs discontinued that keep us alive.So what it really means is that there will be blood rolling down the streets of Portland, before it puddles in the sands of Iraq. There is only one answered question I have in mind is, What is going to happen when a person has a knife held to their throats? ONLY TIME WILL TELL.

Let's Do Something Proactive 29.Jan.2003 14:30

Worker Bee book_chick_kim@netzero.net


I know a lot of you (a lot of US) DID vote for Measure 28 - how about if each of us made a contribution to a fund to offset the losses to the state budget?

I know some of you must have experience with this kind of thing - I'm asking you to help with your experience and your ideas.

How can we start a drive for voluntary donations to make up for some of the $310 m. loss?

Number One. We need an address to which checks can be sent. How does one go about contacting Governer Kulongoski?

Number Two. We need to advertise - I know a lot of you are creative types, so get creative!

It would take about $100 per person to offset the entire loss. How many of you can donate more? How many of you can even donate a fraction of the cost? More importantly, WHO DO YOU KNOW who would be willing to contribute what 28 would have cost them anyway?

Yes, our state government sucks and handles the money poorly. But just because our leadership is lame doesn't mean we can stand idly by and let Oregon become a cesspool of polluted, diseased, crime-ridden ignorami.

I LOVE OREGON! C'mon, let's get on it!

(P.S. Don't make me whip out my back up plan on your asses - I WILL write to Bill Gates and let him re-name the state in exchange for the Big Check. How does Oregon Gates sound? Gatesland, OR, 97201?)

How to get money 29.Jan.2003 15:20


To answer your comments on how I lived in California,

I am a hippy, I paid small rent so no property prices or taxes affected us

We don't live to buy stuff so sales tax is not much of a burden. I cringe at the tax on a 45k SUV so I drove used.

I agree fully Proposition 13, correct me if I'm wrong, did partially cause a big widening of the economic gap in California.

And NO I will not be moving back because its better. I am just saying simply that a sales tax is a way for the state to get money and theres really no arguing with that it would bring in money from consumers.

teehee 30.Jan.2003 00:29

GRINGO STARS gringo_stars@attbi.com

just a reminder of how stupid libertarians are

What's the matter Bush Admirer? 30.Jan.2003 06:35

The Redcoat

No sarcastic remarks?
Are you too busy crowing with yer cronies?
C'mon BA
you must be proud of yourself.

To taxpayer 30.Jan.2003 12:39


If you pay rent, you are paying property tax. If you choose to share a space with other people, or live in substandard housing as a way of offseting your share of the property tax, the thats your choice.

Sales taxes are regressive (that means that the poor pay less of their income into them the rich) why? Because you might think that you dont buy much, but in relaition to Bill Gates Jr., you spend a lot more of your income on taxable goods then he does. How much of his $42,000,000,000 estimated worth do you think he spends on taxable goods? Sales taxes on luxury items are a different matter. But they never talk about that. Get a ballot measure up for sales tax on cars over 50K, second homes, yachts and jewlery and Ill be right onboard.

Having just moved here from Washington (7.8% sales tax) I really prefer this way of raising money. You have a clear picture of your tax bill. You know at the end of the year how much of your money goes to support the state. Besides, sales tax are easily circumvented (go to Jantzen Beach and count the Washington Liscence Plates) and when people do, the are pushing their share of the tax burden onto people who are either a) poor or b) live to far from the Oregon Border to shop in Oregon. There is an argument that a 4% Oregon Sales tax would bring a revival of Vancouver WA's downtown, but as they arent interested in their impact to Portlands traffic, Im not really concerned about their urban blight.

Let me give you some math: if you buy a used vehicle (my car was 3K) in Washinton you would pay over 300$ in taxes (sales tax, excise tax, higher title transfer and registration fees). assuming the car lasts 3 years after I purchase it, It will work out to be almost the same as measure 28. EXCEPT that I will pay sales tax on every qt of oil, oil filter, air filter and every hour of proffesional labor (yes thats taxed in WA) that goes into the car. So I end up losing money on my car alone, not to mention every light switch, stick of wood or can of paint I put buy to make my hovel livable.

The washington sales tax on my (rather modest) home would be over 10K

Maybe FOR YOU, because you dont buy anything, a sales tax makes sense, but thats the same argument rich people make for why they shouldnt have to pay more in income tax. Its the kind of self interst that got us here in the first place. I say that I make a good living, in part due to the infrastructure provided by the state- the roads and the airport. In addition my son goes to public school, and if there is ever a fire in my house, the fire department will come. When my son was born and I lost my job the state of Oregon gave us money to live on until I got another job. Like most recipients of welfare, I recieved it for less then 2 years.

I have no problem paying for these services, in addition I believe that as we are a community, the money the state uses to feed and house the poor, disable and help those with drug and alcohol problems is money well spent, as it makes the community a better place, in addition to being the right thing to do. I dont agree with everything the state of Oregon spends its money on (I find an irony in the fact that they are closing all the prisons that they just built) but I think that the state, as the leading supporter of the programs I mentioned, does more good then ill. As a nation we spend less on taxes then any other industrialized nation. Those of us who are fortunate enough to work enough to have to pay taxes should not be stingy in sharing the wealth. Thats what I am saying.