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Knitting Towards Our Revolution: one womans' thoughts

In Portland and around the world, people are gathering to knit and crochet. Its part relaxation, organizing and turning our backs to a isolating and consumer culture. We gather to share skills and offer support for our various struggles.
Knitting Towards Our Revolution: one womans' thoughts
Knitting Towards Our Revolution: one womans' thoughts
I have always wondered of ways that I could directly remove myself from the consumer trap. Every time I would head to any type of store I would cringe at the thought of putting money back into a system that is out to destroy the human spirit. That system I talk of is Capitalism. This system breeds racism, sexism and class oppression. I was determined to shut it out. I began sewing my own clothes, baking my own bread, salvaging food, clothes whatever I could find. So when I heard of an Anarchists Knitting Collective forming here in Portland, I was ecstatic. Knitting is a skill I always wanted to learn, but had not been able to teach myself.
The first meeting I brought my yarn and crochet needle, luckily there was someone there who taught me my first stitch, and I haven't put them down since! The feeling in the room was joyful and creative, so many people sitting down together learning and teaching each other new skills. The sense of community was exhilarating. Since joining this collective I have really began to understand the importance of collectives. They are key in building a community outside of the consumer/capitalist culture. I love the feeling I get knowing that I am learning a skill that will make me self-sufficient, and that I can teach it to others is even more rewarding. I asked some of the others in the collective why they knitted and these are some of the responses I got.
"I'd just say perhaps that knitting is a relaxing activity and can be compactly carried around and busted out just about anywhere."
"For my part, I am interested in learning to knit and any other DIY skills that will wean me from dependence on the capitalist system. I am also interested in the community
Building aspect and I really enjoy just getting together with people and talking while we knit."
"For me it's a great way to meet with other radicals in my community. It's nice to know I'm not alone. Also it's empowering to learn skills that can wean me off of the capitalist system. I think if we want a revolution, we have to make it possible to live without the system. Moreover we have to show each other and society that it CAN be done. Collectives show us our own strength and independence while at the same time
Strengthening our sense of community and healthy dependence on one another (as co-ops are fundamental to implementing Anarchy. I think through these we may be able to eventually phase out capitalism without bloodshed."
Although I know that I can't just turn my back on something as oppressive as capitalism and expect it to disappear. I know we are building a network of people dedicated to bringing down the forces that be, and creating our own self-reliant communities. Plus, did I mention how damn fun it is to hang out and knit!!! So grab that ball of yarn and needles and knit for peace, knit for relaxation, knit for our revolution!!

~~~The Anarchist Knitting Collective meets every Friday~~~
~~ At 7pm at the CFA office on 16th and Clinton in SE Portland.

Two Blocks south of Division. Take the #4 division bus to 17th and walk two blks south and one blk west.~~~

contact me via emial if you have any questions
Thank you redredlori 29.Jan.2003 18:04


This is a beautiful posting and one that makes me want to attend the knitting collective. It sounds like a very positive atmosphere. I appreciate the update.

another thing handarts are good for 29.Jan.2003 18:38


Knitting, sewing, crotcheting, netmaking, etc. are also very good ways to quit smoking. Some of us are disposed to fidget by nature which makes us prone to smoking addictions, a fidgeter's delight. Once we get quit of the obvious habits what do we do about the underlying low- or high-level anxiety? Handarts are so much better than overeating, chewing gum, etc. And you don't have to go outside in the rain to indulge. Good luck, knitters!

Hell yeah! 29.Jan.2003 20:23

Michael b

This is great! It'd be the magic if we could hear more from the (A) knitting collective. What kinda projects are they working on? What motivated them to choose thier project? Has working this craft changed the way you think about anarchy? How do they feel about it?

- thanks Lori!

It had changed the way I feel about anarchy 29.Jan.2003 21:04


Well, I would say that before I began participating in collectives I viewed my revolution as a "fight against evil" and only as a "destruction of the state" which I still feel. But now I have begun to think about how I can change things now, and how we can build communities afterwards. It became much more of an internal revolution, changing the way I interacted wtih the wrold around me, rather than just opposing it. I realized how important it is that we turn our backs to the monster of capilitism, because if your dependent upon its services and commodities, how can you destroy it? These are just some jumbled thoughts, I hope others will exspand on this

love and solidarity

Cuddly article 30.Jan.2003 07:27


Learning of the knitting cooperative gave me a warm and toasty feeling when I first heard of it. This is a lovely article and I am happy to see the word spread....You can do for yourself, make for yourself and make a statement! Women (men too) can take long skinny needles and create, conserve and learn from each other. I am proud to picture this young woman working for her beliefs through group knitting!
Good job!

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