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Measure 28: Not good news on early count

With 50% of the votes counted statewide, Measure 28 is losing. Rural counties defeated it by 10 to 20 percentage points. Here is a report on count as of 8:39 PM
Measure 28 is being defeated. Damn!

The Multnohmah county Sheriffs office just announced that they will release 114 to 140 people from the jail tommorrow. Many are dangerous offenders.

The statewide returns as of 8:40 PM

No 55% or 399,100
Yes 45% or 318,000

Will update in a half hour with a list of cuts that will happen immediately to social services, schools and public safety.
fuck 28.Jan.2003 20:47

sally (pps)

As a student activist, working on pro-28 shit for months... all i can say is that I am extremly dissapointed in our state. Looks like we're going to war too... I hope we can get our shit together for the future.

Just say "no" to extortion 28.Jan.2003 21:19


Measure 28 was extortion! The government said "Give us even more of your hard-earned money or you'll be sorry." Measure 28 had no guarantees on how the money would be spent, either. Bad measure, good result.

Now let's get to work and get proper funding for schools, social programs, etc., without the extortion and without the unreasonably high taxes we individuals already pay. I say it's time to stop giving corporations a free ride.

It's also past time to hold our goverment responsible for its fiscal inefficiency. If our elected officials can't do a bettewr job than they have been, let's get some new ones that can!

measure 28 28.Jan.2003 22:48

Sean Henderson lohan1@msn.com

Of course the state funds could be used more efficiently, that is definately something to work on.

However, until it IS optimized, we still need to pay for the services that are TRUELY needed, what's a few freakin more bucks to keep our shit together in the interim?

Fucking cheapskates.

bullshit, get the facts 29.Jan.2003 11:06


Sean, get the facts! And the rest of you ignorant people!

Per the Oregon legislative fiscal office, state spending pre-cuts is slated to increase 14% from 99-01 budget cycle, over $4 billion! Where was this money going? Why doesn't anyone ask this question?

Even with $720 million in cuts, Oregon government will be growing slightly above the national mean.

Why can't this friggin gov't do the job they're paid and cut some of this bullshit left over from the boom days! Then there would be money available for those programs that TRULY need it, elderly, mentally ill care, etc., that are getting so much press and are important.

Here's a start -
cut waste in lottery
freeze employee travel (like we've done at MY company in a recession)
use the friggin tobacco settlement

Why do you spend $6 million on a cultural endowment fund during a state revenue emergency ???? ..... can't quite figure that one out.

These politicians need to quit their political wrangling and begin steps to move us from 8th highest spending per capita state to spending more commesurate with our revenue.

Thank goodness 29.Jan.2003 17:35

tax payer

This tax increase is not the answer- fiscal responsibility is the answer. We can't keep putting a bandaid on a broken system. fixing it is the answer. everyone needs to suck it up for a little while until we get out of this, and in the meantime, stop whining.

like I said... 29.Jan.2003 17:51

Sean Henderson lohan1@msn.com

I totally agree that our government is wasteful and needs to be scrutinized..

but I am concerned about what is going to happen to all the people that will be shorted when the cuts take effect, I would rather pay extra taxes to keep them on benefits until the government can be straightened out..

i think that those against the measure are making a political statement at the expense of people who really need state services