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DAS pResidents state of the disUnion

Clinton gave hope that thing would get better and they did not. With Bush you hope things won't get worse and they do.
The president gave the state of the union speech. The Democrats gave their response. The overall gist was war, war, war. With sprinklings of terror, terror, and terror. don't worry because the kinder gentler nation will finally pay tithing to faith based initiatives. Oh and the attack on abortion begins. And the old folks are going to get kicked of Medicare or lose an opportunity to have prescription drugs covered. Privatization of Medicare. Further if you are a good African dictator you will get aids relief. That it you can provide more service if you make a profit of those whom you are to help. Its ludicrous Orwellian republican logic that is going to ruin your life if not the economy if not both. Oh don't forget war for peace. May war is peace?

After the speech a room full of old fat people of both genders commented on how they were proud of the speech And oh, yes by golly we can go it alone for truth justice and the American way.

The democratic response was we support the women's right to choose and we need more money to invade your privacy to fight the war on terror. They wanted more evidence before invasion. Never you mind that the pigeons that the CIA has been training to kill others finally turned on the US as worms all was do. But the demos are just as guilty of crappy foreign policy, the two party system. No real criticizing foreign policy
Good speech 28.Jan.2003 20:49

Bush Admirer

The complete speech is now online along with numerous commentaries. You should read the speech. The NY Times has it up at http:nytimes.com

I think the posturing on Iraq was intended to make Saddam blink. That's what I've thought was the plan all along. Bush figures he'll cut and run when he feels enough heat. Thomas Friedman also has it figured out:  http://nytimes.com/2003/01/29/opinion/29FRIE.html

He had a few clever curve balls designed to keep the Democrats confused (not difficult). The African Aids initiative was a really good move that needed to be taken. The mentoring of the children of prison inmates is another good one. This speech resonated with the black community.

His tough talk on Iran was merited. The Mullahs are in charge (still) over there and they're financing terrorism (Hezbollah). Any country who finances, harbors, or provides weapons to terrorists is a terrorist. Bush said that just after 9/11 and it still holds. Iran is guilty on all counts.

The guy continues to look like a potentially great President. He's making all the right moves. Expect his approval ratings to go up next week.
I think he's doing a great job, but his approval ratings are benefitting from the Clinton effect. That is, it can't hurt to come into office on the heels of the worst President in US History. Anyone would look good.

Get your facts straigh both of you above... 28.Jan.2003 21:44

Fiercely independant

The one thing I will write about Bush's speech is this... He is going to funnel 1.7 billion dollars into hydrogen fuel cell technology. If it works, it will vastly reduce our oil consumption, but it will take time.

This is a good thing, and if you argue that it is not you are a reactionary punk moron. (yes, I have met Punks who react against anything because they are so damn dumb they cannot think of anything intelligent to say...)

By the way, for you home schooled kids out there, when you burn Hydrogen with Oxygen, it produces Water.

Newsflash, Oh Fierce One 28.Jan.2003 22:31

Adam Splits

a) $1.7 Billion is a laughably puny investment in comparison to the American tax money that subsidizes and protects BIG OIL interests

b) It is a subsidy, albeit better than most, to the massive auto industry, who have once again failed miserably to lead, and continue to churn out dangerous, wastefull S.U.V.s The big auto makers certainly see the writing on the wall, and know that CONSUMERS will demand other options, AS petrol prices skyrocket

c) Dipshit Dubya looks forward to seeing the first child that grows up and is able to drive a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle. It is understandable that with his advanced case of cranius rectalitis, he failed to notice that the Japanese have bested the corporate welfare loving American auto makers AGAIN, and have had hydrogen fuel cell automobiles ON THE ROADS of California for months. As if the Japanese besting the American auto makers AGAIN wasn't enough, even the Freakin' Canadians have hydrogen fuel cell vehicles on the road.

Could it be that felchmaster Dubya is backing this pitiful corporate welfare token because California, a huge auto market, has demanded it?

And another thing... 28.Jan.2003 22:55

Home Learnd

Hydrogen fuel cells do not "burn" anything, and your statement claiming that HFCs will vastly reduce our oil cunsumption is baseless. Where is this hydrogen going to come from?

2H2 + O2 = 2H2O 29.Jan.2003 07:26

The Patriot Guy

Nice to hear W mention Hydrogen, Aids, etc. This is exactly what you would expect, isn't it. Find out what the public wants to hear, measure a few surprises against opinion polls, the pull on the heart strings. Words are meaningless, it is the actions that have meaning. I bet that W doesn't mention Aids again, this is do to his world map doesn't show any black people.

On to Hydrogen, the means of collection, storage and distribution are major tasks. Hydrogen is fairly easy to manufacture, all you need is a lot of electricity. The source of this electricity needs to be water, wind or solar, else you are burning fossil fuels.

The storage issue comes from the fact that you need a more H2 to produce the same amount of energy as the gas you burn in your car now. Plus, since H2 is a gas, combining H2 with O2 and a spark creates instant combustion, instead of a slower burning gasoline fire. Thus the tanks you see on the top of buses are specially constructed to avoid rapid release or the H2.