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compost bin 1/29/03

Indymedia emerged from the clouds of tear gas that filled the streets of Seattle in 1999 as a tool for the creation of radical, accurate, and passionate tellings of truth. Then and now, the stories told through Indymedia come from the hearts and minds of people on the frontlines of the struggle for justice against tyranny.
As such, portland indymedia is a community resource to be defended from attack and kept open for its intended purpose: to be a tool for activists who are trying to change the world. portland indymedia is not an open board for any jerk to spout off and be disruptive. those folks have got their own sites and don't need to f*** with this one. this post contains links to posts that have been "composted". they are not deleted. you may still read and comment on them. however they've been removed to here from the newswire so as not to clutter it up with crap. thank you for your continued support!