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Ready once again!

Dear American and British soldiers
Ready once again!
Ready once again!
Dear American and British soldiers we have to deploy once again a couple of hundred tons of ammunition with depleted uranium to warrant the freedom of our oil companies. Like 1991 a couple of thousand of our soldiers will fall ill and will become fathers of slightly disabled children. Even this is the price for an patriotic and firmed job and the freedom we mean. In case we have to deploy nuclear arms we await clemency from you as patriotic American if you'll get a little contaminated.
Unpatriotic pacifistic organisations have recently spread that hundreds of thousands children could die due to our raid. But we will assure you this are not American kids and they would perish anyway by our sanctions.

We are really no warmongers. We are only the guarantor of terror and we have to feed the crowd with foe images so that we can pursue our dealings further on and undisturbed.

Let us start the great slaughter your patriots

Your glorious captain!

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