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SOLO timber sale to be RE-auctioned! Protest Planned!

Solo and Tarzan to be re-auctioned! come join the protest!
Thomas Creek Lumber - the company which purchased the rights to log Solo at an auction last July 30th -did not finalize the contract. While the Forest Service will not reveal why this unprecedented failure to award the contract occurred, we believe Thomas Creek and other companies backed out because of the controversy around the sale CFA helped create. Another victory! Tarzan is being re-auctioned because there were no bidders at its first auction. Come participate in a peaceful rally at the Mt. Hood Forest Supervisors Headquarters, 16400 Champion Way, Sandy OR 97055. Carpools at CFA office leave at 7am, breakfast starting at 6:30. Call us in advance 241-4879 for a wake up call that morning. Let us know if you can help drive.

homepage: homepage: http://www.cascadiaforestalliance.org
phone: phone: 503-241-4879

When is the auction and why should I come? 28.Jan.2003 17:18

tell me why

What day is the auction?
Why is Solo controversial?

Update 28.Jan.2003 17:44


Sorry, missing line in copy and paste.
Typo in the copy and paste.
The auction is on Feb. 7th

Reasons why Solo sale should be stopped 28.Jan.2003 18:41


Solo is in the Oak Grove Watershed of Mt. Hood National Forest. The Oak Grove is one of the most threatened areas in the Mt. Hood NF, and Solo is one of the most egregious sales in the OG.

Solo will clear-cut 167 acres of old growth forest in the Oak Grove Watershed. The sale includes 400-500 year old trees. The Forest Service has decided to turn the Oak Grove watershed (in Mt. Hood National Forest) into an "aggregate plantation of uniform age trees" (ie one giant tree farm). Right now the Oak Grove is a mix of clear-cuts and islands of old growth. The FS is targetting the remaining old growth in the Oak Grove in timber sale after timber sale. Sales such as Solo, Slinky, Batwings, Shellwood, Borg, Bars target these last remaining pockets of old growth for clear-cutting. Removing these last patches of mature forest will be devastating for biodiversity in the area. It is also bad for water quality. 185,000 Oregonians get their drinking water from the Clackamas River. The Oak Grove is a fork of the Clackamas.
There have already been two finds of a very rare lichen known as the old growth specklebelly in the sale. This lichen is only found in old growth forests. There have also been many findings of the "malone jumping slug" which should have been protected, but the rules (surprise, surprise) were changed. There are issues with blow-down and logging on steep slopes. Solo has unbuffered streams, naturally occuring meadows of wildflowers, and some of the biggest trees left in the clackams ranger district. It has groves of old growth pacific yews, a beautiful rare slow-growing tree. Solo has the largest pacific yews found in Mt. Hood.

You can see www.cascadiaforestalliance.org or www.bark-out.org for more information on the Solo area and for many pictures.

Solo Audio Files 28.Jan.2003 20:25

Jim Lockhart eagleye@PhilosopherSeed.org

Two audio files concerning the Solo Timber Sale:

who needs worms 29.Jan.2003 11:04

sleep in

CFA, i LOVE you!! But...could you have some protests that start like, around noon?

The LAST Solo auction 29.Jan.2003 17:51

Restoration, not deforestation