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Anti-HLS Benefit - Wed. Jan 29 - 6:30pm - Red & Black

6:30pm Wednesday 29 January
Contact: Anti-HLS Northwest
www.shacamerica.net Red & Black: SE 22nd & Division
Having fundraising shindig for anti-HLS Northwest efforts. Huntingdon Life Sciences, the heinous product and pharmaceutical testing lab, has lost two board members and continues to lose money. Let's continue to help them fail!

Bands playing:
- Pepto Dizmal (the everloveable punkabilly clowns!)
- GodHaven
- Jesse London

Sliding donation request: $5 and up. No one turned away simply for lack of funds.

Recent news about HLS:


From an Life Sciences Research press release:
"LSR Announces Resignation of a Director

FRIDAY , JANUARY 24, 2003 05:01 PM

PRINCETON, N.J., Jan 24, 2003 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Life Sciences Research, Inc. ("LSR") (OTCBB: LSRI) announced today the resignation of Mr. M. Faruque from its Board of Directors. "


January 14, 2003
For Immediate Release
Attention: News Desk
Activists Force the Resignation
of 2 Directors from Failing Lab

(New Jersey) - The New Jersey-based animal testing laboratory Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS) (also the Maryland-based corporation Life Sciences Research, OTCBB Ticker Symbol: LSRI) has announced the resignation of two Members of the Board under pressure from animal rights activists. An international campaign to close the lab recently turned its attention to the company's directors, after previously declaring victory December 17th when Marsh Inc., the world's largest insurance company, ended its services to HLS. Both victories augment a global campaign that has brought HLS financially to its knees in three years. Read HLS's entire statement at  http://www.lsrinc.net/press%20releases/pr_011003board.htm.

Good job HLS - first you lose the resumes and now the employees.


January 13, 2003


December 18, 2002
Attention: News Desk
World's Largest Insurance Broker Abandons Dying Laboratory:
Activists Declare Victory

(Worldwide) - Animal rights activists are celebrating their second major victory in less than a year with today's announcement that Marsh Inc., the world's largest insurance company, will no longer provide insurance for Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS). Activists have campaigned against Marsh since February.
Sorry about that!!! 29.Jan.2003 02:03

Someone that will be there.

Because Dingo is an asshole, i like to state that there is a problem with the flyer that was put out. The name is jesse london and not John. I hate that rat bastard clown dingo, i wish someone else would tell him to get the fuck out of my room, so my apologies to anyone who might have been confused about who's playing. Thats all! thnx.