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AOL poll numbers

AOL poll numbers
AOL poll numbers
AOL poll numbers
What should be President Bush's top priority?

56% Economy 68,622
25% Iraq conflict 30,130
15% War on terror 18,805
4% Medicare 4,332
Total votes: 121,889
Is Bush leading the country in the right direction?

55% No 66,388
45% Yes 54,625
Total votes: 121,0
Zogby has a better poll 28.Jan.2003 14:57

Bush Admirer

Polls like that AOL poll are meaningless. Anyone with a mailing list can send a message asking folks to go there and vote. Did you get a message like that? Is that how you found it? Did your message come from www.democrats.org?

Here's a link to a real poll:


Just Kidding 28.Jan.2003 17:33

Bush Admirer

I am full of shit. Sorry.

Stop using my name! 28.Jan.2003 18:33

the REAL Bush Admirer!

You lefty freaks! Stop posting with my name! Admit it, you want to be like me; so popular all along the west coast for my enlightening of you freaky liberals that you just can't help yourselfs in your jealousy. I guess you really ARE green......with envy! Did you listen to Master Bush's speech tonite? (I love him for it, even if he didn't write it or couldn't) He is going to set the world straight; we're number 1. Everyone else kneels and gets in line. And you useless labor unions better watch out, cuz we're fixin to be dropping nucular bombs on yous. And you freaky liberals in the streets are going to get shot up with rubber bullits treated with depleated uranium. Then the world will know that Bush is master and I'll be the first to take his cock in my mouth! Damn it's good!

Leftist Freaks! 29.Jan.2003 12:43

Bush Aspirer

NO, Bush Admirer, you forget that our evangelical Christian disposition has us believe that homosexuality is a sin, and to "take his cock" in your mouth would be against our philosophy. Do not let these fucking pinko commie fags influence your sinful decisions, although I would bear the our Master Bush's child...