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SF Indymedia report on Superbowl riots

feature from bay area IMC
RaidersRiotRiots On International Blvd Following Raiders Super Bowl Loss
1/26: Riots broke out on International Blvd between 35th Ave. and 90th Ave. For a few weeks, Oakland Police have publicly declared their intention to attack crowds of people standing around outside after the game. As it turns out, OPD went after mostly East Oakland neighborhoods with wooden bullets and tear gas.

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Thousands of people were on the street. A spirit of comraderie and friendship was literally everywhere as people had fun in the streets together, mourning their Super Bowl loss. Things got scary when the police attacked the crowd with tear gas and wooden bullets. Police cars were trashed and some other cars as well as several buildings (including a McDonalds near 63th and International) were ransacked and set on fire. At several points there were barricades of burning dumpsters in the street as thousands of angry Oakland residents fought with the police.

Although the crowd was diverse and was mostly nonviolent before the police arrived, the corporate media has been playing up "random" violence. The corporate media seems to have been afraid of talking to people in the crowd and their one-sided coverage sparked anger directed at their vehicles. A KRON 4 news van had its windows smashed and a KPIX (CBS) news van was also trashed. A police officer interviewed by KRON TV said he saw the police action as a "dry run" (perhaps for larger riots when the war starts?)

People who videotaped or photographed any police brutality should publish it to SF-IMC. The Oakland Police are best known for their role in the bloody suppression of the Black Panthers, their role in the bombing of environmental activists, and most recently for their "Riders" gang which systematically attacked Oakland residents.

hmmm? 28.Jan.2003 08:42

not football fan

When did the Raiders move back to Oakland? and whatever happened to the Oilers?

411 28.Jan.2003 19:41

Silver & Black & Red

Raiders moved back in 1995, the Oilers moved to Tennessee and became the Titans around 1997

Im that dumb!! 29.Jan.2003 14:49

Gullables Travels

Oh, I see....the Police started the riot. Yeah, thats more accurate reporting Im sure. We shouldnt allow the Police to watch sports if this is how they are going to behave when their team loses. How childish those Police are, lighting dumpsters on fire, ha!