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Pam Africa to speak at Portland State University

Pam Africa will speak on Reparations for enslavement and colonization this Saturday, February 1, 2003 at PSU.
The Event starts at 6:00 PM at the Multicultural Center, Smith Memorial Student Union, room 228

Free and open to the public.
*** Press Release ***

Pam Africa: “On Reparations for enslavement and colonization.”

Portland State University
1825 SW Broadway

Saturday, February 1, 2003.
6:00PM – 8:00PM

Room 228 Smith Memorial Center (Multi-cultural Center)

In celebration of Black History Month, The Black Cultural Affairs Board (BCAB) at Portland State University would like to invite you all to come out and hear Pam Africa speak about the most controversial topic of “Reparation for Enslavement and Colonization.”
Pam Africa, known to be most Revolutionary and a writer of the MOVE 9, will present and discuss what most people avoid to talk about.
The event is free and open to the public.

For more information contact: BCAB
Phone: 503.725-5660
E-mail:  bcab@mail.pdx.edu


phone: phone: 503-725-5660
address: address: 1825 SW Broadway, PSU

Photo of Pam Africa from AWOL Magazine 28.Jan.2003 00:32

surfer boy

Photo of Pam Africa from AWOL Magazine
Photo of Pam Africa from AWOL Magazine

Reparartions 28.Jan.2003 06:28


I don't consider myself racist or just feel that i am better than people with other than white skin, but i totally disagree with the demand for reparations. I could see this if Pam was a slave at some point in her life, but we all know she wasn't. In fact, I think it is safe to say that none of the blacks asking for money have ever been slaves. So why should they get reparations? Even if some $$$ is made for them, who is going to get it? I bet these so called leaders will get majority of it. Not the Families that have been persecuted for decades because their ancesters were slaves. I take back my racist comment. Whenever i see a person who is a decent of a slave, i loath them. come on.

Response to Okee 28.Jan.2003 10:17

Ron Ward jronjr@yahoo.com

I agree with you that reparations aren't really in anyone's best interest. Who gets the money? Where does it come from? The only way I can see it working is 1.) You can prove that you are a descendant of an enslaved ancestor 2.) You can prove who made a profit from the particular ancestor 3.) That family still has wealth linked directly to the money made from person. I am of Irish descent. My ancestors were forced into fighting the revolutionary war (draft riots, anyone?), and the civil war. Did they receive wages? Yes. Were they equal wages to other draftee's? No. How about the Chinese who were underpaid to build the railroads, or the Japanese interned during WW2? Slavery is disgusting, but it no longer exists. Should my wages be taxed for something I read about in a text book? Then again, look at the casino's sprouting up all over America and you see what we have done for reparations to the Native Americans. But just like reparations for slavery, has the money and land given to the Indians made a great evil lesser? I don't think so. I think it has inspired greed and corruption. The traditional way of life of the Native Americans was supposed to be preserved. Instead we have little Las Vegas like towns from sea to shinning sea. Will the poring out of money cleans the soul of the white man? Will it help African Americans to forgive my ancestors (if any of them owned slaves, which I doubt because they were poor Irish)? I think that open discussion of the issue is the most important thing. Would African Americans give up that for money? Would they rather have a pay day, or a culturally diverse class room discussing the evils of slavery and racism? I was raised to love people no matter if they are tall or short, black or white. Do I have to pay for those beliefs now too? There is no price to high for these beliefs, but I think in a free country these ideas too should be free.

japanese received reparations 28.Jan.2003 10:37


i believe that the survivors of the japanese internment camps did receive some form of reparations in the 1990's

on reparations 28.Jan.2003 11:20


The only disagreement I have with the idea of reparations is that it could never be enough. Once a few people get a few dollars, much of white america will expect those hundreds of years of enslavement and racism to fade into obscurity. ("What are you complaining about? You got $1000, didn't you?")

Patterns of race and privilege are well entrenched in our culture. Some of us are descended from slaveholders, others are descended from slaves. If you think that makes no difference, you are probably white and are certainly deluding yourself.

It might make white folks feel better to insist that, because YOU weren't personally a slave then you haven't been oppressed by slavery. But that doesn't make it so. As a descendant of slaveholders, I can tell you that I understand very well the connection between the privileges I have inherited and the sacrifices others have made for them. If a few dollars were enough to make up for that, to buy off the debt I owe to the children of slaves, that would be a fine thing.

I think, though, that it's going to take more than money. It's going to take a willingness on the part of white americans to give up their unearned privileges and play fair with the descendants of slaves. Either that, or it will take the children of slaves rising up and taking what is rightfully theirs. You make the choice.

slaves 28.Jan.2003 11:41


why reperations?? slavery still exists, no matter if your white, black, yellow, green or blue, our society still deals in slaves. we are all slaves to the dollar. until we get together and start living in the present and stop participating in our societys classist, captialist way of life, slavery will continue.

THANK YOU! 28.Jan.2003 16:33

Michael b

Thank you so much for bringing Pam Africa to speak here!

Reps 28.Jan.2003 18:19

Fashion Observer

Pam Africa could use her share of the reparations for a new outfit. It's looking a little tired to me. Maybe she could go to the mall or something for a new look??

fashion is for fools 28.Jan.2003 20:46


I havn't done extensive reaserch on this- and I in no way am trying to speak for pam africa-
I think people are assuming that pam africa will speak out for reperations-
-I believe the move organization is against reperations-
Mostly because the dignity, life, and love that was stolen from the africans made slaves is not somthing that can or should be bought or sold. Because the comodificaiton of life, love and of truth- this comodification is the value of the oppressor, the value of the rapist- this government and the system it serves. Not the value of move.
this is paraphrased from a talk given by ramona africa at a university in new york recently. A friend sent me the tape. Really, I don't know if pam feels different about this- I'm just saying the above post dosn't say either way.

only a fool 29.Jan.2003 05:53


only a fool would ask for money from the federal govt and trust that they'll get exactly what they've asked for.

the US govt, as well as a whole lot of its citizen droids, suffer from an odd sort of psychosis: nothing they ever do is wrong--hell, they're *always* bailing other countries out of wars (that they helped start)--and they'll never be able to come to terms w/ the history of North America.

not to worry you people who have been able to convince yourself that you're not 'racists', i doubt you'll ever have to worry about paying off anybody else--not even the "injuns" who are actually still waiting on a hefty sum from the government. of course, those dirty red skins were living here first when the good ol boys and girls first arrived.

so when some darkies ask for separation, people ridicule that; when they ask for money (whether they deserve it or not), people scoff at that..ask for certain people to stay away from them, they can't get this either.

..and yet, i see these people w/ their big white toothed (gotta have really white teeth, cuz that's how nature intended it), grinning and having wonderfully witty conversations all around town acting as if the world is just fine, laughing and enjoying the liberty provided them by...history.

pure as the driven snow--God knows this is true.

and some okie named "Okee" says "So why should they get reparations? Even if some $$$ is made for them, who is going to get it? I bet these so called leaders will get majority of it."--you idiot, what does this remind you of? remind you of the current situation in this country where all the money from the pockets of the common citizen are flowing right back into the hands of the greedy ones? there's a new scheme enacted every day to take money from you--you couldn't save enough even if you tried.

yeah Okee knows--and *cares*--about blacks, the "leadership" of blacks or even the color black.

how about this Okee, since you don't seem to care about anything but the money, don't worry about the people--take care of your stupid ass, how about that?

email me if you have a problem with anything i've said  runaway-slave@mailcity.com.

everybody always in your business, but they don't care about anybody but themselves. go figure.

Slavery STILL affects African-Americans 30.Jan.2003 10:48

GRINGO STARS gringo_stars@attbi.com

sad but true
Slavery STILL affects African-Americans
Slavery STILL affects African-Americans

Gringo...Gringo 30.Jan.2003 12:02

The Goat

Gringo we all know that you are a in support of WHITE SUPREMIST groups, so i find it hard to believe that you are in support of reperations. I thought that all Klan members hated blacks Jews and gays. Or can todays Hitler youth pick and choose.

Gringo...Gringo 30.Jan.2003 12:02

The Goat

Gringo we all know that you are a in support of WHITE SUPREMIST groups, so i find it hard to believe that you are in support of reperations. I thought that all Klan members hated blacks Jews and gays. Or can todays Hitler youth pick and choose.

Shut it, Goat 30.Jan.2003 20:55

GRINGO STARS gringo_stars@attbi.com

No, that is a blatant LIE that Israel's apologists claim every time I criticise Israel's government's actions. Since they (and you, Goat) can't respond to reasoned argument, they simply personally attack whoever doesn't agree with them (much like you are now doing, Goat).

I am ANTI-racist, which is why I am ANTI-Zionist. I am PRO-Jew which is why I am ANTI-Zionist. I am very much PRO-reparations, because the very same financial institutions that profited from slavery are STILL making money today. Funny how corporations only claim personhood when it stands to make them a profit - but when corporate personhood might actually COST them money, they say "Oh hey that wasn't us that was our grandpappies - it's not like a corporation is a person or anything." Hypocrites. Let's make the corporations pay up - they can well afford it. The US wouldn't be a fraction of what it is today if not for the forced labor of African-Americans since 1619, so time to pay up.
Shut it, Goat
Shut it, Goat