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Another congressional voice supports the DRAFT! All of you Warmongering Chickenhawks are gonna get a chance to prove your warmongering--in blood!

U.S Congress may push for military draft


By Vicki Allen

WASHINGTON, Jan 27 (Reuters) - As the United States prepared for a possible war against Iraq, an influential senator added his voice on Monday to calls to reinstate the military draft, a step the Bush administration says is unnecessary and unwise.

South Carolina Democrat Ernest Hollings said he is sponsoring the Senate version of a bill offered in the House of Representatives by Rep. Charles Rangel, a New York Democrat, who said a universal draft would bring men and women from all walks of life into the military instead of leaving it mostly to low-income people and minorities.

Rangel and Hollings held a joint news conference as weapons inspectors issued a report at the United Nations that said Baghdad had not fully complied with requirements that it disarm, a finding that the Bush administration has said could lead to war with Iraq.

Rangel opposed the congressional resolution authorizing a possible attack on Iraq. Hollings backed it. But citing tensions around the world, they said they worry that the volunteer force would not be enough to fight multiple wars.

"With prospects of continued military action in Afghanistan, a potential war in Iraq, the continued war on terrorism and growing tensions in the Korean peninsula, it becomes clear that we do not have the personnel to fight a multi-theater war," they said in a letter to colleagues.

"Our proposal ensures that all Americans answer the call of duty and that the size of our military forces meets our growing military needs," Rangel, a Korean War combat veteran, and Hollings, a World War II combat veteran, said in their letter.

Hollings said forces already are stretched too thin, as the Pentagon is extending service time of reservists to handle operations in Afghanistan and the troop buildup in the Gulf, which he said is a hardship on them and their employers.

The bill requires military or national service for men and women, ages 18 to 26, without exemptions for college or graduate studies. The president would set the number of people needed for military service, and those not selected for that would serve at least two years in a civilian post.

With the Pentagon against the plan, the bill was seen as having little chance in the Republican-led Congress. But Rangel said it raised issues that the nation should debate.

It already has caused the administration some discomfort as Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld last week apologized to veterans for comments he made dismissing the need to bring back the draft, that was ended in 1973.

With the draft, Rumsfeld said people were "sucked into the intake, trained for a period of months, and then went out, adding no value, no advantage, really, to the United States armed services over any sustained period of time."

Rumsfeld said he had not intended to say that draftees added no value to the military, but that he was "commenting on the loss of that value when they left the service."

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POLITICAL considerations make draft unlikely 28.Jan.2003 05:12

Mike stepbystepfarm@shaysnet.com

In case you hadn't noticed, the current "ruling coalition" is a partnership between "big business interests" and "social conservatives". Bringing back the draft might threaten this coalition's solidarity. The reason is... "gays in the military"

See, back in the 60's it was still illegal to be gay in many jurisdictions. AND people claiming to be gay (to escape the draft) were commonly required to "prove it".. NOT trivial things like "I have been seen in a gay bar" or "I have told somebody I was gay".

But now? The way "don't ask, don't tell" is interpreted in some of the service branches it would noy be possible to have a draft without blanket acceptance of gays in the military. Something would have to give. You couldn't possibly have a draft where anybody who didn't want to go in could simply produce say a photograph of themselves in a gay bar.

Soldier = Thug 28.Jan.2003 10:23

requirments be damned

We don't need the draft. There are plenty of volunteer dumb-asses to fill the ranks.

A note: soldiers are not soldiers anymore, they are THUGS. The U.S. bombs a country and the "soldiers" move in simply as occupation forces. They are there to keep the intimidation going....they are brute thugs with the souls of whipped & lonely dogs.

Draft would destabilize U$ 28.Jan.2003 15:02

Luke from DC

Hollings is an old draft nut from the Cold War. What he and others like him don't realize is that bringing back the draft would cause hundreds of thousands of youth to fight against the US to keep from being drafted.

Just imagine going up to punk kids, Gay kids, and others who are not into the whole "football scholarship-jock-straight A student" thing that they will be required to spend two more years of their lives under authority after getting out of school and turning 18. Many of these kids who are not already runaways or dropouts have been patiently counting down the days 'till they leave high school or turn 18(whichever comes first) and are "free." Throw in a two year delay, and they will dispair and then become extremely angry.

Also, just imagine trying to draft existing "Black Bloc" or other anarchist kids-either they refuse or they go in to spread dissent and learn to use military hardware for later application back home! It was things like this that forced the US out of Vietnam. In 1971 the Pentagon said "a prerequisite to the re-establishment of the US army as a credible fighting force is extrication from Vietnam." In another report they predicted civil war by 1985 if Vietnam lasted that long.

I'm proud to say that when I was 18 I publicly refused to register fro the draft and told Reagan I would fight for the FMLN and not for him in El Salvador if the U$ invaded. Put that in your pipe and smoke it, JTTF!

Draft 'Em All 28.Jan.2003 20:32


The military draft is perfect. No exemptions, no deferments. Draft women (Bush's daughters are about the right age). This will serve (at least) two functions: It will force the rich to die for our oil alongside our poor. It will serve as a wake-up call to our pro-war "patriots" when they or their children are called upon to die for this madness.

'I ain't no senators son' 28.Jan.2003 21:32

or daughter

Rep. Charles Rangel:

"a universal draft would bring men and women from all walks of life into the military instead of leaving it mostly to low-income people and minorities..."

You know, tis true that the military is a sort of prison for the poor and underprivledged. I have heard it said many times that the lure of $$ and education, as promised for joining the ranks, is one of the main reasons that young men enlist.

It seems that there needs to be another method to this madness. I'm all for tearing the walls of the military complex completely down, but as long as the barricks are standing, the lure of $$ must not be the reason for enlisting.

It is also true that there are those post 9.11 nationalists who want to go "kick some ass", but I do not think that this includes the majority of those who become a soldier.