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Riverdale High turns Progressive

Riverdale, the Small school district in SW Portland has been taking interesting steps in the left direction, which is the RIGHT direction.
This letter was in their school paper.
Students have taken it upon themselves to start a Peace and Justice club,a community Garden, and organize an Activism alliance. Ill try to keep informed and see whats up. But for now it looks good.
Dear Riverdale Community members,

I attended Portland Public School's Environmental Middle school, and am now a sophomore for the first year in our New Building.

In order for a growing society to thrive there must be peace and justice. Peace and justice won't come by just talking about it. It takes the youth of today to better society for tomorrow. Riverdale, as a progressive School, is part of the coalition of essential schools, and is always engaged in following the principles of the coalition. Principles like number one: "The school should help students use their minds well." Or number ten, that states "The school should Model Democratic practices". Riverdale high's Sub head for the Information packet found in the lobby is "USE YOUR MIND WELL" Even our mascot the MAVERICK reflects our schools emphasis on progressive thinking.
Although I see numerous good things sprouting at Riverdale, The twinkle in my gaze dies when I think of all the issues surrounding our community that are not being addressed more aggressively and more often. I am a Riverdale Maverick. Although I am not on the football team, or the basket ball team and am never regularly called by teachers and/or coaches "Hey, Maverick get over here!" I am still a Maverick. I know that as a musician, writer, thespian, and activist, that within all those activities, I am an individual, a non-conformist, a bohemian artist with an unconventional lifestyle. I am a maverick in all my activities because I am a follower of my own Ideals for what makes a school progressive. Those Ethics and Ideals I learn for myself AT Riverdale.

As the world around us changes so does the Community in which we live. As people in the world are affected by change, so are the people in our community.
The Riverdale community has a lot of new and interesting roads to walk down. Weather it's the first Garden, the second year of Football, or the first year of Lacrosse. As our Community takes big leaps down the streets of our life, It is not only our responsibility as MAVRICKS to plant flowers along the way, but our duty as humans to peacefully and justly better our community and world that is us.

thank you.