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AUDIO FILE: Public Comment Concerning Cooper Spur Resort Development

Excerpts from public testimony before the Hood River Planning Commission last Wednesday evening, January 22, 2003, concerning a Destination Resort at Cooper Spur on Mt. Hood that would include over 400 condominiums and a golf course.
The hired researchers, the Cooper Spur Wild and Free Coalition and the developers spoke longer than an hour and a half. After these had the floor, public testimony was taken. These are a few of the people who testified that evening. Given the length of the expert testimony, there was less than an hour for the public, who will continue this Wednesday, January 29, 2003.
I've included what I had of the testimony from the local people, and finished with a couple other people who regularly use the Mt Hood area for recreation. Water quality is high on the list, as well as the values of wildness and livability. And, the point was made that Hood River itself is already a Destination Resort, due to the attraction of wind surfing. The room was about 90%, at least, in opposition to this development.
Only one or two people testified in favor of the Destination resort. Their reasoning was, of course, the money that could be made, taxes, employment, etc. I did not include them because my microphone failed by the time they were called up.
About 15 minutes in length.

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