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Live WSF PDX-IMCista Update: Day's Events and Indymedia House Party

I describe what happened today and what is happening right now
1/27/03 Today I attended the anti-war rally Chomsky spoke at, a workshop on Zapatismo, Youth, and Resistance, and a march against AlCA. I will speak of these after I get back, I am a little burnt out (I am bringing a tape of the full chomsky speech as well as some amazing Argentina indymedia videos). One thing of note. The Zapatista workshop was only in Spanish. I didn't care too much, understanding like 50-70% of it. Someone got up at some point and suggested getting some tranlsation for english speakers. Now at every other event I attended people of all languages were respected, accommidated, and concerned for by the people in attendance. Here everyone said no emphatically with the intonation of intense hatred and anger at someone having brought it up. It is unfortunate that at a workshop about resistance and autonomy prejudice and near racism (if English was a race) had to arise. Everyone who was with me felt pretty violated. This is not to say we don't understand why, but to discriminate against people on the basis of their having been born to speak a language is vile (there was canadians, american, brits etc). I think as individuals interested in facilitating a better world and social order, we have to start by respecting others for who they are, and not prejudging them on whatever idiological baggage we have. Perhaps I am not saying any of this right, but whatever there is a party going on right now... WIth the money raised from selling the corporate media the footage of the pie-ing, the casa de Indymedia is having a party. There is an improv drum circle/samba band, collective meals, and lots of beer. Spirits are high and it is an awesome way to close a powerful and inspiring weak. See you all in portland.