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Masquerade Ball/Art Show......Benefit for Black Thorn

Black Thorn benefit...February first, at the I.W.W. Hall......
Black Thorn is hosting a Masquerade Ball and Art show to raise funds for the third issue of Black Thorn(which we still need submissions for), on the 1st of February at the I.W.W. Hall(located at 7th and Burnside). Admission is $4.00 with a mask(and hopefully a costume) and $10.00 without. The art show starts at 8:00pm with music by the Inquisition(experimental/ambient type stuff) followed by dancing and fun into the evening with record spinning by the Phantom Hillbilly. The art show will feature original and unprinted art from featured artists in the Black Thorn as well as some lino cuts, layout sheets and other related stuff. Some art will be for sale in the hall and pints of pabst will be for sale for $1.00 in the cafe.

address: address: po box 11046 portland, or 97211

Can we help? 28.Jan.2003 16:47

Michaelb pdxacbc@lists.riseup.net

Hi, I'm with the Anarchist Cooking and Baking Collective. I've spoken with the collective and folks have expressed interest in helping you if we can. If you're interested- we're prepaired to make a heap of vegan baked goods and such to donate to your fundsraisin event. If there were a little space we'd like to set up a food table with a bit of lit on the ACBC. If you're interested please email us at  pdxacbc@lists.riseup.net
and we'll get back to you fast