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Arrested Portland Mercury Reporter to Stand Trial Wednesday!!!

On August 12 of last year I was arrested and injured by police officers while covering a solidarity bike ride prior to a rally for ILWU members preparing for last fall's contract renegotiations. This wednesday, at 1:30 in room 124 of the Multnomah County Courthouse, I will face charges and the possibility of $275 in fines. Any support is welcome, and anyone who witnessed the incident is requested to contact me.
I only face traffic violation charges, but they are still unfair, and I feel that I was singled out for taking pictures of the ride and the police presence. I would like to try to speak with anyone who was there prior to the court appearance. I don't know the courthouse well, but perhaps people can meet me by showing up outside of the courtroom after 12 noon on Wednesday. I will make sure to be there from that point on just in case. Also, I'm in town this week from Maine and I would love any and all support people feel like providing. It was great to see the jail solidarity ride that formed after I was arrested, even if I was released before they arrived at the police station!

good luck 27.Jan.2003 16:50


good luck with the trumped up charges.

thanks for being at the ride and covering it for the media.

have you talked to anyone at the national lawyers guild about your case?

you can reach a few of them here:

alan graf - 503-452-2375

stuart sugarman and paul loney at the belmont law center - 503-234-2694

perhaps they can help or give you the name of an nlg attorney who can.