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Contact our allies and ask them to help the American People by NOT supporting war with Iraq.

Operation Deny Support

Dictator Bush finds himself in an awkward position. In complete violation of international law, he wishes to launch an unprovoked war on a nation incapable of defending itself. Dictator Bush is motivated by a lust for oil. We cannot permit Dictator Bush to murder innocent civilians in our name. We must do all we can to stop him.

The nations of the world are against Dictator Bush's plans for war. Only three nations are offering measurable support to Bush: the United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada. Without their support, Dictator Bush might be forced to back down. Dictator Bush is ignoring the will of the American people. In fact, he's not even listening to the American people. We have no choice but to take action ourselves.

Please join us in contacting the leaders and the press of the United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada. Let them know that the American people do not support Dictator Bush's war on Iraq. Ask them to withdraw support for war on Iraq. Let them know that the American people will not cooperate with this war. Remind them of what happened when the American people withdrew their support during the war in Vietnam.

Leaders of the primary nations supporting Bush:

The United Kingdom

Prime Minister Tony Blair, curiously, has no email contact form (perhaps this is why he is so out of touch with the will of the people of the UK). In any case, you can reach him by fax at:

From the US: 011 44 207 925 0918

From the UK: 0207 925 0918

Iain Duncan Smith, the Leader of the Conservative Party

Contact the Liberal Democratic Party


Prime Minister John Howard

Contact Web Form


Prime Minister Jean Chretien

Contact Web Form

E-Mail: pm@pm.gc.ca

Key Newspapers in the UK, Australia, and Canada

Please send a letter to the editor of the following newspapers. Please let them know that Americans do not support this war. Ask them to help the United States by not enabling the US to launch an unjust attack.

The United Kingdom

The Mirror (special form to register your opposition to war on Iraq)

The Guardian (letters to the editor, E-Mail)


The Sydney Morning Herald (E-Mail)


The Globe And Mail (Letters to the Editor)


homepage: homepage: http://www.breakyourchains.org/deny_support.htm