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Our arms of precision!

We are quite human warlords
Our arms of precision!
Our arms of precision!
We are quite human warlords because we kill short and painless to get our oil back. Therefor we use really effective arms of precision so we can slay precisely and never forget the true sense of this military raid. The golden rule says: 30 days war against the law of nations means 30 years of terror. But it's not a terror against our economic system - it's the terror to fear the crowd we need and create. This is enough scope to protect us from socially cataclysm by establish an police and snitcher state to hold control about the scared crowd and to protect our affiliated groups. Believe us Orwell was only a small mastermind for the intentions we realize now.

We are not homicidal sons of bitches
We are the rescuer of the world
and we bomb the world back to the rules of Dark Ages

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