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If You Can't Beat Them, Reform Them -- B.C. natives struggle with salmon farming

As native protests against fish farms reached a crescendo last week in British Columbia, another First Nation on the west coast of Vancouver Island was steering its fate in the opposite direction.
The Ahousaht First Nation four months ago abandoned its long-standing battle against salmon farming, and agreed that Pacific National Aquaculture may continue to operate salmon farms in its traditional territory. The agreement in principle will be fleshed out this winter in further talks between the company and the band. Under the terms of the pact -- whose full text has not been made public -- the Ahousaht allow Pacific National Aquaculture to raise salmon at roughly fifteen sites in Clayoquot Sound. For its part, PNA recognizes Ahousaht title to the territory, pays the band a royalty for its use, and agrees to work with the band to raise environmental standards at the farms.(01/21/03) by Seth Zuckerman

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