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Stop Eco-Violence

The Association of Oregon Loggers will be hosting Kelly Stoner, a timber industry puppet and director of "Stop Eco-Violence"
on January 31 (Friday) at noon at the Eugene Hilton conference center.
Kelly Stoner is a former media relations official with Louisiana Pacific Lumber. She was hired to spread lies about folks fighting against the real eco-terrorists (like Allyn Ford and all the other timber beasts out there devastating our ancient forests). "Stop Eco-Violence" doesn't seem to be much of a group except for the website www.stopecoviolence.org and the rheteric being spread at these conferences by Kelly.
She has many speaking engangements scheduled across the west. Just last week she was in Coos Bay speaking to the Society of American Foresters.
It disgusts me that a woman is taking the side of the patriarchal bastards getting rich off of the blood of mother earth and spreading lies about the defenders of mother earth.
I smell an action! 28.Jan.2003 09:48


Let's do it. Cream pie sounds about right. "Messed up makeup to all the timber puppets!!!"