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Landslides and salmon genocide

Call the governor, and let him know that if he continues to bow down and kiss hte asses of the timber industry, it will result in direct action. Let him know we are paying attention.
!!!!Your Calls are Needed NOW!!!!
ODF/OBF to consider "emergency" rule change to suspend regulations governing logging on steep slopes!

Just Say No to Suspending Logging Rules on Steep Slopes

The Oregon Board of Forestry is considering an emergency rule change on Monday Jan. 27th that would temporarily suspend the Oregon Department of Forestry's ability to regulate private land logging on extremely steep slopes above Coho habitat.

Why: The ODF is currently being sued for allowing the "take" or killing of Coho salmon. If this rule is passed, ODF hopes that it will relieve them of their responsibility to regulate logging and thus weasel their way out the Coho lawsuit.

Call Governor Kulongoski NOW


Tell Governor Kulongoski that it is the responsibility of the OBF to protect

clean water, salmon habitat, and public safety!

More on why the ODF would stoop so low:

The Board of Forestry is considering taking "emergency" action in anticipation of the upcoming hearing in PRC vs. Brown.

(Feb. 11-12, Mark O Hatfield Bldg. Portland, Or)

Soon to be "former State Forester", Jim Brown (Now Governor Kulongoski's Natural Resource Advisor) is being sued for "taking" or killing of Coho salmon, listed under the ESA.

ODF/OBF is proposing to eliminate the requirement imposed by rule that "prior approval" for logging of high-risk sites be obtained from the State

ODF/OBF are proposing this temporary rule change without public notice and comment.

The legal reason they want to do this is so that there is no affirmative action taken by the State Forester which ties that official to any ensuing "take" (killing) of coho salmon.

Their practical justification is that if they lose on the motion for an injunction that there will be costly appeals and private property litigation from private landowners.

They claim that there is no concern about resource protection as the change is merely procedural and their rules are strong enough anyway.

This seems disingenuous given that it is their desire to avoid a court ruling--that their rules governing logging on steep slopes are NOT strong enough to prevent illegal harm to coho salmon-- that is driving this proposal.

We are extremely disappointed to see action to avoid responsibility based on a technicality rather than action to prevent approvals of harmful logging.

Please make one call NOW!

Call Governor Kulongoski NOW


Tell the OBF that it is their responsibility to protect clean water,

salmon habitat, and public safety!

Attend the hearing, but don't expect to be heard!

OREGON BOARD OF FORESTRY , Cornerstone Plaza, 2809 Market Street, Salem, Oregon, January 27, 2003

1:00 - 2:15 * CLOSED EXECUTIVE SESSION- Consultation with legal counsel regarding legal rights and duties with reference to current litigation or litigation likely to be filed [ORS 192.660(1)(h)]

Department of Justice - Legal Counsel

2:15 - 2:30 Break

2:30 - 3:30 1. Change of Oregon State Forester Taunie Murray, Ian Whitlock

- Appointment of Acting State Forester

- Recruitment and Selection Process

3:30 - 5:00 2. Consideration of a Temporary Rule and Initiation of Permanent Rulemaking Amending OAR 629-630-0500 Charlie Stone, Ian Whitlock

Written Material for the two agenda items will be available at the meeting. Times listed on the agenda are approximate. At the discretion of the Chair, times and order of agenda items may change to maintain meeting flow. A single asterisk (*) preceding the item number marks a work session. Public testimony/comment will not be accepted